Midrange smartphones offer businesses an opportunity to enhance employee productivity cost-effectively. Samsung J-series and A-series devices are ideal for frontline employees who need specific design and function for using devices to make their jobs more efficient, effective and even more enjoyable.

With these midrange smartphones, businesses, including highly regulated industries like healthcare, can take advantage of the Samsung Knox platform to keep devices secure while also enabling a high level of customization.

“The Knox platform gives us flexibility and security to customize use cases for customers,” says Brian Sipe, president of Vertex Wireless and its subsidiary, Conversa Solutions. Sipe also notes that the ability to have customization features on midrange smartphones can save businesses a lot of time and money.

In this SBTV roundtable episode, you’ll learn more about the varied ways businesses can configure and customize Samsung midrange smartphones to create single-purpose devices that can improve employee productivity, communication and task management.

Learn how Samsung can help you address the growing tech gap between C-suite and the new generation of digital natives.

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