With the shift to electronic medical records and cloud-based workflow applications, the healthcare industry has come a long way over the past decade. However, it appears that even bigger changes lie ahead. While at HIMSS this year, I got to speak with industry experts about how they see the healthcare industry evolving over the next five years.

“Overall, what we’re going to see is a continuing trend of consolidation,” said Britney Treadaway, VP of strategy and corporate development at IDEAL LIFE Inc.

Treadaway believes healthcare organizations are going to partner together in a strategic way, because they together share the risk and cost of patient care.

“I expect to see information technology really trying to take a crack at both cost and quality,” said Dr. William O’Connor, chief medical information officer at TigerConnect. “Having healthcare technology that is specifically designed for efficiency — and able to take cost out of the system — is very important.”

Steve Dann, cofounder and executive chairman of Medical Realities, believes that 5G will be great for the future of virtual and augmented reality in the healthcare industry.

“I don’t think healthcare technology is going to be evolutionary,” said digital health influencer, Evan Kirstel. “I think what we’re going to see is a revolution, and it’s being driven by consumer expectations.”

According to Kirstel, consumers are expecting to take ownership of their healthcare data to use the applications and digital health services that empower them.

Chris Otto, SVP of MobileHelp, is most excited about the evolution of telehealth and the adoption of remote technologies to deliver healthcare.

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