Have you ever gone to take a quick measurement of something but struggled to track down a ruler or a tape measure? It may sound like a minor inconvenience, but now there’s a much easier way — and it’s available right in your pocket.

The new Galaxy S10 5G phone has a native app called Quick Measure that lets you accurately measure a space right from your phone.

To use Quick Measure, just point your Galaxy S10 5G at the object you’re measuring, drop tags and your phone will quickly calculate distances and dimensions. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to get quick estimates of indoor or outdoor spaces without the need for extra tools. For me, this is great if my team is out measuring a potential event space and needs to send back dimensions so we can make plans on the go. While at home, I can easily map out new art in my apartment without having to leave marks on the wall.

Quick Measure is possible because of the time of flight camera on the Galaxy S10 5G. It works by bouncing infrared light off an object and using the timing of the return trip to calculate how far away that object is from the phone. The technology sounds complicated, but I promise using it isn’t!

Imagine you’re a contractor, and you need to take some measurements of a space and start work on plans as soon as possible. Or, you’re a real estate agent and want to send specific information back to a potential buyer who perhaps doesn’t have time to tour a house with you.

Upon launching the app, the distance from the surface is detected by the time of flight camera. Next, you drop a pin and extend a virtual measuring tape to get the dimensions you need. You can add additional measurements and then tap to take a photo for reference later. You can easily switch between inches and feet — or centimeters and meters.

It measures more than just distances. Quick Measure is also great for measuring area or volume. For example, the next time I’m out shopping for furniture, I can open up Quick Measure to make sure a chair, desk or sofa will fit into my apartment.

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