The line between work and personal data on devices — whether bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or corporate-owned, personally-enabled (COPE) — can often become blurred. The convenience of one device for all things is important to employees, but when business and pleasure mix, how can you protect your organization’s data?

With Samsung Knox solutions, it’s simple. All Samsung devices are built on the Knox Platform, which offers built-in security from the chip up, as well as a suite of mobile device management (MDM) solutions for configuring and deploying devices for your workforce.

Samsung’s Knox Platform for Enterprise optimizes a full suite of solutions that allow users to separate personal information from business data thanks to an encrypted workspace. This includes the ability to use apps, check email or take photos. All data, such as emails or photos, is kept securely in the folder and isn’t accessible without entering the authentication code to that section of the device.

This gives IT administrators and their employees peace of mind to securely conduct business while still using their Samsung device for personal needs.

To see how simple it is to set up Knox solutions for your enterprise devices, watch this short SBTV video.

The key to a successful BYOD plan is secure deployment and management tailored to your enterprise.

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