It’s the year 2035. The world has changed and you’ve been leading the charge to make it happen.

Artificial intelligence has liberated us from repetitive mental tasks the same way the industrial revolution freed people from repetitive physical tasks. Sure, some jobs are gone, but new ones have been created — just like typographers disappeared with the advent of the personal computer, and the increase in graphic designer jobs made up for it. New opportunities are everywhere.

You pay for your groceries with cryptocurrency on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Blockchain-based protocols create your business contracts and you can access your data from trusted databases that are immune to corruption and censorship. Everyone has a pocket supercomputer.

Computer processors are fast enough to power convincing virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) experiences. Advanced 5G connectivity has made it easy, comfortable and affordable to meet your friend across the world, travel to space or receive medical treatment for phobia and paralysis rehabilitation. Genetic sequencing is a routine part of medicine. With 24/7 tracking through the biometric sensors on your watch, you have completely personalized care and better health access than the current U.S president.

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Drones deliver your groceries, inspect critical infrastructure like bridges and power lines to keep you safe from wild fires, and fight animal poaching. Even remote villages that can’t be reached by road have fast access to medical supplies.

Self-driving cars are now mainstream. Folks are wondering how we lived without them.

Everyone has more access to high-quality online education through free courses on Coursera and better food thanks to efficient food production systems. Clean energy is a convenient and cost-effective everyday reality.

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