For the Baltimore Ravens, 2012 was a big season — they beat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, earning them the National Football League championship title.

But 2016 may have been even more monumental for the NFL team. That was the year the Ravens embarked on a multiphase plan to create an immersive experience for fans and players alike. And by partnering with Prismview, they made their vision a reality.

Prismview designed and built custom display boards for the Ravens’ M&T Bank Stadium and Under Armour Performance Center that transformed the fan experience — giving players and coaches a competitive advantage.

Clear choice for a refurbished stadium

The Ravens had a master plan to make their stadium the best in the league — starting with an unparalleled viewing experience for fans.

“If you don’t build a state-of-the-art display, you’re already behind the eight ball,” says Roy Sommerhof, senior vice president of stadium operations for the Baltimore Ravens.

In December of 2016, the Ravens set up a shootout — a head-to-head competition among the manufacturers vying for M&T Bank Stadium’s display board bid. On the coldest day of the year, the competitors — including Prismview — lined up their boards in the stadium’s parking lot. Sommerhof and his team assessed each for clarity and brightness, both in daylight and at night. Prismview was the clear winner.

“It really came down to Prismview,” Sommerhof says. “They were, hands down, the best product in every way.”

More screens create holistic experience

Prismview’s team got to work designing custom, high-definition 4K video screens for the stadium’s end zones. Each screen measures 201 feet by 36 feet — picture 1,000 40-inch flat-screen TVs, laid out end to end. Prismview also wrapped crystal-clear ribbon display boards around the stadium.

“The new boards make a huge impact for the fans,” says Neil Hawley, director of project management for Prismview. “No matter where you are in the stadium, you really have a first-class view of the game.”

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And before the 2018 season, Prismview installed something revolutionary: four large corner boards that display additional footage, including player’s statistics and score updates from other games. With this new addition, fans can engage with the game while staying up-to-date on their fantasy football league.

According to Sommerhof, the changes elevate the Ravens’ stadium from middle of the pack to top of the line.

“Now that we have our big boards in, and our new corner boards, in terms of fan experience we’re in the top five in the league — and we think it has a lot to do with the size of the boards and the clarity.”

A training center for immersive learning

Prismview didn’t just win the bid for the Ravens’ stadium — they also impressed the heads of operation at the Under Armour Performance Center, where the Ravens practice throughout the season. Operations executives there planned to build new classrooms to facilitate an integrated learning experience for players and coaches — and once more, Prismview won over the Ravens with a classic shootout.

“In professional football, players spend as much time in the classroom as they do on the field,” says Bob Eller, senior vice president of operations at the Under Armour Performance Center. “We were looking for a state-of-the-art product, and Prismview was the clear winner.”

Before the renovation, coaches were using projectors to run film of the team’s performance. Now, Prismview’s display boards allow for an immersive teaching experience.

“The training center is really unique — it’s like walking into a movie theater,” says Hawley, who also managed the Prismview project at the training center. “With projection displays, coaches had to darken the room, but the new boards display crystal clear images, even in sunlight.”

Eller says that the added benefits to the coaching staff are immense. “Prismview made it possible for the coaches to break down specific information for our players. They’ve given us an outstanding tool.”

Thanks to Prismview, the Baltimore Ravens are ready to deliver to fans and players — not just in this season, but for many years to come.

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