New developments in display technology have opened the door for universities to bring professional-level entertainment to their audiences. Samsung is leading the charge with the latest piece of must-have broadcast equipment: state-of-the-art production trailers.

These mobile studios are already changing the game for college campuses around the country — providing new revenue streams for the school and learning opportunities for students. Read on to learn how these groundbreaking trailers are shaping the future of college sports programs.

Production, on wheels

Production trailers are exactly what the name suggests: large trucks outfitted with major broadcast equipment. Owners can drive these trucks to any site and air various games, shows and events.

Though similar trailers are used by major networks like ESPN, Samsung has developed an affordable variation that colleges can own and operate themselves — opening a whole new world of revenue possibilities.

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Why colleges love them

These trucks are a no-brainer investment for schools. More cost effective than installing fully equipped spaces in every venue, these trucks easily move from location to location. Portability means more use, and more use means more bang for your buck.

Schools that adopt trailers tap into an effective new revenue stream. Take a look at Western Michigan University. The school purchased a production trailer in 2013 and saw immediate benefits. The truck allows them to broadcast around 45 ESPN games a year without having to rent a trailer from the network. Plus, they get paid by ESPN for every broadcast.

These trucks are also an effective recruiting tool. High-tech campuses are top of the list for prospective students, and broadcast trailers deliver the innovation they seek. The increase in broadcasted content builds legitimacy around athletic programs and name recognition with a larger audience. For student athletes, this exposure plays a key role in their decision making process. For students in the media department, these tools provide an opportunity to gain hands-on and real-world experience.

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Everyone wins

Perhaps the best part about these trailers is that it’s not just the schools that benefit. Colleges no longer need to rent trucks, so networks like ESPN see a decrease in trailer maintenance and travel costs. Schools with their own trailers are also able to produce more content for networks, helping them fill airtime on their channels. Looking again at Western Michigan University, the school can broadcast close to 45 games for ESPN each year thanks to the mobile equipment. The network saves production costs and fills air time, schools see increased revenue and recruitment rates, everybody wins.

Innovation starts with creative solutions

Meet Marty Masewicz, the man behind the Samsung broadcast trailer. While working with Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Marty was looking for creative ways to help enhance the school’s display project. The campus originally approached Marty to help them install a new display and control room in their football stadium. “The consultant had asked to put the equipment in the football center for broadcasting. I suggested making it mobile.” says Marty, “maybe you don’t need this equipment all over if you make it mobile … by incorporating it into a 24-foot trailer, all of a sudden they’re using it for close to 45 ESPN shows a year.” Marty’s suggestion has made quite an impact on WMU — and all the schools nearby. He’s had several requests for trailers from other schools, including a request for an additional trailer from WMU.

“We’ve had a great working relationship with Samsung,” says Matt Kulik, Director of Athletic Facilities at Western Michigan University, “[they were] instrumental in helping us create and outfit our broadcast trailer for our ESPN3 broadcasts. They designed a great concept.”

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