Does your team spend too much time walking employees through every step of the mobile device enrollment process? Do you have a help desk just to make sure employees can get their devices set up and enrolled in your mobile device management (MDM) solution? Does it take you hours upon hours to manually configure each phone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Samsung’s Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) can help. The device enrollment solution bulk enrolls a large fleet of devices in your MDM — over Wi-Fi or LTE — saving your IT team and employees time, and saving your business money. The KME solution is a component of Knox Suite, the one-stop solution that combines Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) controls with a range of tools to effectively enroll devices, manage policies and control firmware updates.

Here’s a look at how KME works, and some of the solution’s key benefits:

1. Automated configuration for IT

When you’re purchasing hundreds or even thousands of phones for your enterprise, manually tracking the devices’ information and configuring them can take hours. Even with smaller deployments, like a set of 10 devices, the time spent individually managing and configuring them still adds up.

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With the KME solution, the entire deployment process is streamlined and efficient. Once your purchase order is placed through an approved reseller or carrier, the reseller will send a comma-separated values (CSV) file that lists all the devices’ unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers and serial numbers to your IT administrator. From here, the IT administrator just needs to upload either the devices’ IMEIs or their serial numbers and they’ll be enrolled automatically. Alternatively, the administrator can download an app and scan the barcode on each device’s box.

Either way, KME is quick, efficient and allows for zero-touch configuration.

The solution also comes in an on-premises version, KME Direct, to support intranet-only environments. An IT admin can set up KME Direct by downloading a PC app and creating profiles with device content including settings, restrictions and apps. Employees then use their own devices to scan a QR code (generated by the app) to connect their profile to the enterprise’s network, enroll in the EMM and configure their device.

2. Zero hassle for employees

Enrolling devices in an MDM typically also requires employees to connect their devices to the solution, which usually involves going to a website and downloading the MDM software onto their phone.

While that may not be too complicated, at least a few employees are bound run into problems, leaving IT teams responsible for walking them through the enrollment process.

With KME, employees don’t have to do a thing. As soon as they receive their device and power it on, their device will automatically install the necessary software and apply your preconfigured settings.

3. Complete mobile security management

The Knox platform protects the integrity of the entire device, from the hardware to the application layer. Additionally, KME is supported by top MDM providers such as BlackBerry and AirWatch, allowing further flexibility in your mobile security and device management.

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Your IT team can use the KME solution to set and change mobile security policies as necessary, without ever needing to have a device in hand. These capabilities make it easier to protect company data by preventing employee actions that could jeopardize device security. IT maintains total control and can prevent employees from installing new apps or uninstalling existing ones. To help manage data usage, IT can also disable high-bandwidth activities, such as video streaming or automatic app updates. And if a device is lost or stolen, IT can wipe its data remotely.

KME automates the entire device management process, ensuring IT is always in control — while saving your organization a significant amount of time and money.

Looking to update your mobile device fleet? Narrow down the search by finding the smartphone most tailored to your business needs with this free, quick assessment. Or, for more MDM inspiration, discover the cloud-based command center offered by Knox Manage.

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