A good meeting results from collaboration, brainstorming and problem solving. But that meeting can quickly become just a memory if the notes and action items aren’t saved and shared to meeting attendees.

The Samsung Flip 2 makes it easy for teams to instantly distribute meeting notes to all attendees, or students in a classroom. Whether the group shared and annotated images, drew complex diagrams or imported critical documents, the Flip 2 allows users to save and quickly email the relevant files to everyone.

Sharing meeting notes from the Flip 2

  1. Once the meeting is done, tap the arrow to access the drop-down menu.
  2. Select EXPORT and tap email.
  3. Enter the subject of the email and tap DONE on the keyboard.
  4. Enter the email addresses and select DONE.
  5. Check the pages of the roll you would like to include.
  6. Tap SEND and your notes will be emailed as a PDF.

Good meetings have great results, and the Flip 2 can take your team meetings to the next level.

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