Powerful performance, reliable security: How the Galaxy S23 equips and protects hybrid teams

With the current hybrid work model, employees appreciate being able to work flexibly and remotely; however, it does present potential challenges for employers. Connectivity and workflows can become fragmented when people are in flux. Most concerning, though, are the gaps in cybersecurity and device management that many organizations grapple with — or may not even be aware of — in the hybrid workplace.

With the right systems and processes, employers can see a boost in efficiency and productivity in their hybrid teams while offering work-life balance that’s difficult to maintain when commuting and working long days in an office. Designed with the hybrid workplace in mind, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series brings benefits to the modern workplace while also addressing its challenges. The three latest mobile phones — the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra — combine powerful performance with reliable security to help employees get the job done in the hybrid environment. Here’s how.

Powerful performance

Mobile software is only as useful as the hardware supporting it. The Galaxy S23 series has impressive hardware specifications, starting with the fastest processor available in a mobile device, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy. ZDNET writes that the new Galaxy-exclusive chip has a 40% faster graphics processing unit (GPU), 49% faster neural processing unit (NPU), and 30% faster central processing unit (CPU) than the previous version. This sheer processing power enables multi-tasking, heavy-duty business apps, and remote collaboration far beyond other mobile devices’ capabilities.

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The S23 Ultra and S23+ come with up to 512GB of storage, while the S23 holds up to 256GB. Between the blazing-fast processor and roomy storage, you’ll be able to save the work files, documents, and high-resolution images you need to get work done with ease on your phone. And with Quick Share, a cross-platform feature exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices, you can easily share large files with colleagues in an instant. The devices also have excellent battery life and an adaptive display that adjusts screen brightness based on the light around you.

Put all the hardware specs together, and you have the performance in your phone to drive performance in your day-to-day work using the S23’s many productivity tools and features. Pop out the S Pen on the S23 Ultra to create, annotate, translate and more. Use the superior camera in any S23 phone to capture social media content for your business. Collaborate on the go with Google Meet and respond to work requests from anywhere in Microsoft Office apps, all integrated into the operating system. Seamlessly switch from video calls to documents to emails and back. Even turn your phone into a PC with Samsung DeX when you connect wirelessly to a smart monitor.

Reliable security

Why do high-performing sports cars boast great brakes? It’s not just so you can stop — it’s about having the ability to go faster, knowing your vehicle is built to keep you safe along the way. The Galaxy S23 embodies the same concept with Samsung Knox, an enterprise-grade security platform that allows you to do more and “go faster” with your S23 by giving you peace of mind regarding cybersecurity.

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Samsung Knox is built on Android Enterprise, meeting Google’s strict mobile security requirements. Knox isn’t downloaded or installed — it’s literally built into the device’s circuit board. Meanwhile, the optional and customizable Knox Suite consolidates the many solutions that comprise enterprise mobility and cybersecurity, from enrolling and managing devices to replacing lost devices, ensuring firmware updates, and more.

For example, Knox Configure encompasses device setup, rebranding, kiosking, and feature restrictions. Separately, Knox Guard provides an inexpensive option to protect and control access to lost or stolen devices — and, more importantly, the data they hold.

In large enterprises, Samsung Knox integrates into existing IT infrastructure. For small and mid-size businesses, it can serve as foundational infrastructure. Whatever the case may be, Knox has your back. Protected from the chip up to the cloud, your company’s Samsung mobile devices are safe from intrusion, malware, and malicious threats.

Business leaders will naturally equate the hybrid model to working on the go, but that’s just one part of it. Hybrid work also happens at home or in the office, at a desk and PC. With the Galaxy S23, the newest possibility is working at home or in a traditional office on your phone. Wherever, however, and whenever you choose to work, the Galaxy S23 is epic for business in so many ways.

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