Today’s stadium experience is entering a new era thanks to technology. As owners continue to recognize the financial and experiential benefits that a well-operated stadium offers, investment in technology is delivering a transformational game day that is more efficient, fun, convenient and profitable.

The digital transformation is happening at every level, from the moment of entry into the stadium where digital barcodes have replaced physical tickets, to inside the venue where outdated modes of ordering and buying food and beverage have become a faster, cashless, frictionless process.

A streamlined stadium isn’t possible without integrated technology that is intuitive for operators to manage and for fans to use. While big screen displays are found around venues — whether for clearer wayfinding or spectacular scoreboards — now, interactive displays such as touchscreen kiosks are revolutionizing game day operation.

Easier stadium entry

Quickly and smoothly processing the tens of thousands of visitors entering a stadium has always been a challenge, often leading to overcrowding, long lines and security hot spots.

Solving this is a self-service kiosk that, when placed at gates before security points, lets fans scan their digital or physical ticket for an efficient entrance. There is no limit to the number of kiosks that can be employed and, thanks to its compact design, many can be grouped together to increase fan throughput.

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Not only does this enable a greater number of fans to enter — and in a shorter timeframe versus traditional staff checkpoint scanners — but the kiosks also free up staff who can be deployed at other high-touch areas of the stadium. Furthermore, the reliable kiosks remove the need to spend resources on training and will never call in sick.

Once the ticket has been successfully scanned, information displayed on the screen can helpfully provide game day instructions or directions to seats and concessions.

Faster food and drinks

Self-service touchscreen kiosks at concessions elevate the experience for customers and retailers.

Whether situated on a stand, countertop or wall-mounted, the sleek Samsung Kiosk lets users effortlessly browse menu items on the highly responsive, 24-inch Full HD display touchscreen. The latest Samsung Kiosk is available with Windows OS.

Guiding customers through their orders, kiosks let users fully explore a menu, which has been proven to encourage greater spending. Retailers can program kiosks to promote add-on items to upsell the customer or share information such as nutrition, ingredients or allergens — eliminating the need to wait in line to ask a cashier, which could hold up those behind.

The speed and convenience at which customers can access a kiosk, combined with fast, contactless payment, contribute to the ultimate goal of more transactions and customer turnover. With kiosks clearly displaying a user’s order, it also removes any chance of human error from a member of staff.

With the kiosks doing all the work at the front of the house, it now means staff once stuck at the tills can be better used to speed up the delivery of the food items in the kitchen, resulting in faster service.

Raise your retail game

Armed with point-of-sale (POS) and inventory systems, the Samsung Kiosk is designed for retailers ready to take their customer purchasing experience to the next level.

At team stores and merchandise retailers, which can see a huge surge of customers before and after a game or concert, kiosks are an ideal solution to serve as many people as possible, reduce the queues and ensure satisfied shoppers.

Real-time pricing and availability of inventory are clearly displayed, as well as the ability to provide limited-time offers. Cashless purchases can be made via a built-in barcode scanner and card reader, all supported by a powerful three-layer security system from Samsung Knox, keeping customer and business data protected.

An out-of-the-box solution

The Samsung Kiosk is a modern, compact, all-in-one solution for venue owners and businesses to elevate event experiences and boost revenue.

Its smart design offers plug-and-play technology with no-fuss setup and seamless syncing with existing POS systems, meaning businesses can be up and running in no time. It’s a turnkey solution that eliminates complexity and can operate with a Windows operating system.

Installation flexibility comes in the form of countertop, stand or wall mount options — with all cabling hidden. Since it’s a System-on-Chip (SoC) solution, there’s no need for an external PC to run the kiosks. Its modular design enables all types of cashless payment including credit card, barcode, QR code and NFC, along with a built-in printer. This means no additional peripherals are required, which keeps costs down and maximizes simplicity.

The Samsung self-service kiosk, whether used for stadium ticketing or ordering, delivers a modern, intuitive, secure solution designed to enhance customer experience and boost business turnover.

Learn more about how the Samsung Kiosk can streamline and enhance the customer journey, and discover how fan data can drive the next generation of live events and audience engagement with this free guide.

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