How to videoconference hands-free and screen share with Galaxy Z Fold5

This is one of a trio of user guides for getting the most out of Microsoft Office apps on your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 device. Be sure to explore our tips for Excel and Word to maximize your mobile productivity.

Hand talkers, rejoice. You can now take videoconference calls from anywhere and be as animated with your hands as you’d like when you get the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5.

In Flex Mode, the foldable phone stands alone — literally — as the flexible, mobile videoconference tool you’ve been missing. Flex Mode is a product of Galaxy Z Fold5’s foldable form factor allowing you to set the device on your desk, adjust the angle as you see fit, and video chat hands-free. Be your most productive and personable self, whether you’re working from home, at the office or on the go.

With Galaxy Z Fold5, you don’t just take video calls — you make them more collaborative with screen sharing, whiteboarding and instant access to all your work documents. Here’s how it works:

Launch your videoconference

Knowing that a new form factor requires tailored app development, Samsung has worked with leading videoconferencing platforms and business apps to create Flex Mode-friendly user experiences. For example, Microsoft Teams is one of several video chat platforms optimized to enable hands-free videoconferencing on Galaxy Z Fold5. Whether you’re in smartphone or tablet mode, you can launch a Teams meeting just like you would on your desktop. If you have the new Galaxy Buds2 for instant audio pairing, even better. Don’t turn your camera on quite yet, though. We’ll get there in a minute.

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Fold into Flex Mode

If you’ve started your Teams meeting from the cover screen, open it up to the expansive, 7.6-inch tablet display. (If you’re already in tablet mode, great.) Now, turn the device, fold it horizontally about halfway and set it down on your desk. You’re ready to video chat hands-free. Time to turn on that camera and wave hello.

Share a presentation

After a few minutes of catching up, it’s time to get to work. Microsoft Teams on your Galaxy Z Fold5 looks and functions much like Teams on your laptop, so you’ll notice the Share icon is right where you’d expect it to be, next to the Chat and Participants icons. Tap Share and then choose Share PowerPoint. Select the document you want to share from your files or OneDrive, and it will open in the top portion of your flexed Galaxy Z Fold5. Your video chat will be at the bottom.

To present like a pro on your new foldable, you can add the optional S Pen Fold Edition or S Pen Pro, designed with a soft tip and spring to reduce the impact on the display. Use the S Pen to present, advance slides and navigate your videoconference with precision.

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Whiteboard with the S Pen

From the Share button in Teams, you can also choose to share your entire Galaxy Z Fold5 screen. One use case for this is to whiteboard in Samsung Notes (probably with the device laid flat on your desk). You’ll definitely want the S Pen for whiteboarding so you can quickly sketch, annotate and bring big ideas to life. When you’re done, your creation will automatically save as a new note and you can send it off to everyone who was there — or who wasn’t able to make it — so they have it on hand for reference.

Knowing how busy you are, you probably have a hard stop, so it’s time for us to wrap up this chat and sign off. As with so many other things on Galaxy Z Fold5, you can do that with one tap.

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