The accelerating pace of change is bringing new challenges to retail banks. Today’s customers have higher expectations for service and personalization, largely driven by technology integration. Likewise, workers with a digital-first mindset expect employers to provide premium mobile equipment that helps maximize their productivity.

For example, many banks are transitioning tellers from behind a glass wall to actively interacting with clients on the branch floor. To become “universal bankers,” these workers will require training and upskilling to become customer-first representatives. Meanwhile, other banks are looking to empower customers to complete tasks quickly through virtual teller kiosks to trim payroll costs and enable customers who want to conclude tasks rapidly. All the while, banks must ensure security and regulatory compliance, even as cybersecurity threats increase.

How one Samsung device can empower the employee and customer journey simultaneously

Implementing and using the right mobile technology can address the challenges and shifts in retail banking by mobilizing your branch associates anywhere in the branch. It can also equip them with a single multi-functional, secure, enterprise-grade device that helps them work with clients and keep up with training — and even streamline your customers’ experience in the process.

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Take the latest Galaxy Tab S9, for example. This is a device that can help bankers serve clients anywhere in the branch. There’s no longer a need to provide your staff with a separate ID and check scanner, thin client PC, and POS/pin pad. Paired with Samsung DeX and protected by the Samsung Knox security platform, your associates can accomplish all their day-to-day tasks without working behind a computer. The new Galaxy Tab S9 FE offers the same core capabilities at an ideal price point for large and community banks alike, without sacrificing any essential features or functions.

Thanks to a spacious 10.9-inch display and immersive viewing experience, banking associates can use the Tab S9 FE as an electronic brochure to showcase financial service options to their customers. The tablet provides up to 13 hours of video playback and up to 14 hours of general usage time on a single charge. It’s also loaded with pro-level apps like GoodNotes for taking down questions or follow-up items from a customer meeting. The Tab S9 FE’s Galaxy Connected Experience allows bank associates to easily switch between using their tablet and their smartphone or watch in one seamless workflow.

The employee journey

Let’s look at how Samsung mobile devices can help a bank associate carry out their tasks during a typical workday:

  • The bank associate walks into their branch in the morning and clocks in for work on their smartphone.
  • After clocking in, the associate manages their tasks and schedule for the day on their smartphone.
  • Then, they arrive at their desk and connect their Galaxy device to Samsung DeX to read data and trends for the day. Bankers can easily connect their Galaxy phones — such as Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, or even Galaxy S23 FE — to their monitor to bring it to life on the big screen. DeX provides a PC-like productivity experience, including the ability to work across multiple apps simultaneously with resizable windows.
  • When a customer walks into the branch, the Tab S9 FE can be set up as a kiosk to check in. The bank associate can then be notified by their Galaxy Watch6.
  • The associate then picks up their Galaxy Tab S9 FE and walks over to the customer to assist them, greeting them by name. They sit in the bank’s cafe area and discuss the customer’s request. The banker scans the customer’s ID on the tablet (no separate ID scanner device is needed) to verify and pull up their account details. The employee uses their tablet for a customer-only view while working in their own separate DeX view.
  • Later in the day, the bank associate dials into a private office through pin access on the tablet device at the door.
  • The associate pulls up and completes required bank training on their HHP to refresh and update their skills required in today’s retail banking sector.
  • At closing time, the associate puts high-value deposits into the vault and uses Knox Capture to scan the bag deposit codes on their HHP barcode scanner.

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The customer experience

Your customers’ journey also demonstrates how Samsung devices can improve both your employees’ productivity and the customer experience:

  • A customer enters a branch and goes to a self-service kiosk (tablet) to check in.
  • The customer is directed to the virtual teller for assistance and can complete their task quickly and be on their way.
  • Another customer with a more complex need is approached by a bank associate holding a Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet. The customer is looking to open a new account, so the associate sits at their desk and connects to DeX to scan the customer’s passport using the tablet. The customer simultaneously enters their account pin on the tablet touchscreen to access their existing account.
  • The customer can seamlessly provide a signature for the account opening on the Galaxy tablet using the S Pen (included with the Galaxy S9 FE out of the box) and partner apps like DocuSign.
  • Before leaving the bank associate’s desk, the customer is asked to complete a survey to track net promoter score (NPS) and gather additional information for personalized products, all on the Galaxy Tab S9 FE.
  • Finally, when leaving the bank, the customer schedules a follow-up appointment to meet with the private banking team on an app optimized for their Android device.

The employee journey directly impacts the customer experience, and technology is a powerful tool that can improve both areas. Meet customers’ higher expectations and boost employee productivity and training with Samsung devices, all while ensuring security and regulatory compliance.

For a full overview of all Samsung technology solutions for the finance industry, please visit this page. And sign up for a Samsung Business Account to get exclusive offers, including volume pricing discounts, on our Rugged devices, as well as our newest devices like Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5.

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