Every day, you push the boundaries of what your business can achieve. It’s time for your phone to do the same. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series makes your workdays epic with built-in features and integrations that far exceed the ordinary. The S23 is more than the next big step in mobile tech — it’s the must-have mobile device for the way we work today. Whether you choose the S23 Ultra, S23+, S23 or S23 FE, you’ll be ready to take on the world. Here’s what you’ll love most:

1. The S Pen experience

If you’re a current S Pen user, you’re going to want the S23 Ultra, the only S23 model with S Pen compatibility and an embedded S Pen included. If you’ve never had a stylus for your phone and want to give it a try, get ready to tap into efficient business workflows on the go. With the S Pen, you can sign contracts, mark up documents, sketch ideas, and — new on the S23 Ultra — even write directly into your browser’s search field. It digitizes several tasks and to-dos that have traditionally required pen, paper, printing and post-it notes, all while keeping the natural flow and memory retention of writing by hand.

2. Superior camera

Every phone in the S23 series is equipped with impressive camera specs enabling you to capture ultra-crisp content and stunningly smooth video. Being the headliner, the S23 Ultra sets itself apart. The S23 Ultra has a 200-megapixel main camera — the highest resolution on the smartphone market — with 100x Space Zoom. The S23 and S23+ each have a 50-megapixel main camera and 30x Space Zoom, still extremely high for any smartphone. The S23 FE has a 50MP wide-angle lens, 12MP ultra-wide lens, 8MP 3x optical zoom telephoto camera and 10MP selfie camera. All four devices have Auto Focus Video Stabilization when shooting video.

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What does your phone’s camera have to do with your business? With a high-quality camera in your pocket, you can build your business’ social media presence on a budget, especially if you go with the S23 FE, which is designed to lower the cost barrier for small businesses and larger enterprise teams alike. You’ll be able to create professional-looking photography and video without dedicated equipment or film crews. Just capture, share, and impress.

3. On-the-go collaboration

Productivity isn’t just about the work you do on your own — it’s also dependent on your ability to communicate with your team. In the remote and hybrid workplace, mobile productivity and collaboration are more important than ever. With Google Meet integrated into the S23 user experience across all devices in the series, your team is always just a tap away on your phone. Keep your work conversations going wherever you are, quickly connect to video calls with one click from your calendar, seamlessly transfer files, and more. If you own a pair of Galaxy Buds2 or other Samsung devices such as a Galaxy Book3 and Galaxy Tab, your activity in Google Meet will pick up right where you left off from one device to the next. They work together so you can work smarter.

4. Microsoft integration

Business owners know the struggle of trying to respond to work requests when they’re not at their desks. The Galaxy S23 series changes that. Microsoft productivity tools like OneDrive, OneNote, Office apps and Outlook are all deeply integrated into the Galaxy S23 operating system thanks to Samsung’s ongoing partnership with Microsoft. OneDrive is especially helpful to have on your phone in place of using thumb drives and/or emailing documents to yourself. A Microsoft Office license is required to edit documents in Excel, Word and PowerPoint on your S23 — but if you already have these programs on your desktop, you can use that same license to log in. If you’re looking for a phone that works wonderfully with Windows, this is it.

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5. Peace of mind

Accessing work documents on the go is great, but doing so can present security concerns that keep IT teams awake at night. Your critical business data needs to be secure and private at all costs. The defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform protects your device — and, in turn, your data — from the chip up to the cloud. From intrusion to malware to malicious threats, Knox has your back. If that’s not enough to put your mind at ease, you can also add Samsung Care+ for Business for hassle-free device repairs, dedicated technical specialists on call, an extended warranty and coverage for accidental damage, theft or loss.

6. Work continuity

An epic workday doesn’t need to mean jumping over hurdles and overcoming obstacles. With any S23 device, your work is frictionless so you can get more done with less effort. For example, business documents are larger than ever and accessing files between multiple devices (especially mobile devices) can be cumbersome — but with Quick Share on the S23, all you’ll need to do is select a photo, video or document on your phone and tap Share. Select Quick Share and find your PC, then accept the transfer on your PC. Another great feature for a streamlined workflow is Link to Windows, which allows you to make calls, send texts and use your smartphone apps on your PC, without picking up your phone. Everything is easier when you assemble your Galaxy ecosystem.

Once you see how epic the Galaxy S23 series is for everything from productivity to creativity to continuity, you may even want to get one for every employee on your team.

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