A large video wall inside your business speaks volumes. It’s a bold statement, altering the entire look and feel of a corporate building or customer-facing location.

In the lobby, a video wall creates a memorable moment for every client or guest stepping into it. Indeed, an office video wall becomes the definitive centerpiece of the area, elevating in-person and virtual conferences while allowing clients to communicate with hybrid workforces in profound ways.

Samsung LED video walls have taken the next step in transforming the display landscape with The Wall All-in-One. Because of its advanced visual technology and ease of installation, The Wall appeals to leaders in retail, automotive, federal, hospitality, corporate and healthcare industries as a way to deliver high-impact visual experiences to everyone.

Built better for outstanding results

The Wall All-in-One, along with other Samsung Wall products, are part of a new generation of display technology that offer unparalleled visuals and design to imbue any space with an awe-inspiring edge.

LED installation from concept to completion

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The majority of direct view LED video walls use manufacturing processes that significantly limit how many LEDs can be packed and soldered into each square foot. The result is a screen that looks great from a distance — but visual quality quickly degrades as viewers come closer and discern each individual LED light and the gaps between them. Thanks to its microLED design, The Wall delivers visuals that look crisp, even up close.

The Wall doesn’t show any seams where frames or bezels are connected, as seen in LCD walls. Super-narrow bezels in other brands may minimize grid lines on LCD walls, but they’re still noticeable and distract from brand messaging. Samsung Wall removes this viewing disruption with a truly seamless screen that’s redefining modern boardroom technology, home viewing experiences and more.

Putting The Wall to use

In corporate offices, The Wall All-in-One is the centerpiece of every area. Integrated software, including Cisco, Logitech Webcam and Google Duo, supports seamless, hassle-free meetings — even hybrid.

Within retail industries, stores that sell electronics, apparel and luxury goods are putting up branding and experiential walls as the signature of their store design. Retail designers love being able to easily change a store’s look and mood, as do designers of larger areas like automotive design centers or hospitals.

Motivated by “wow factor” and design flexibility, hospitality and entertainment venues like hotels, casinos and cruise ships, are moving to direct view LED, which doesn’t require rear-projection cubes.

These huge, dynamic video walls tell stories, relay information and convey a mood. Furthermore, as LED costs drop and quality improves — with a finer pixel pitch that allows for closer viewing — everything from cruise ships to federal offices are adopting fine-pitch LED displays.

Installation and customization

Installation is also easier than ever, thanks to the preassembled mounting clips and docking plates in The Wall All-in-One. The control box and speakers are built into the design, eliminating the need for external devices. In just two hours, any business can have a statement piece that portrays an image of leadership and innovation to customers and clients.

The Wall All-in-One simplifies decision-making with its range of resolution and size options, but full customization is possible with The Wall for Business. A hospital with a curved wall, for example, can have an LED video wall design customized to their space and size limitations. Or, a video wall in a retail store can work around product placement and maximize available retail space.

Samsung provides various levels of service and support to reduce on-site calibration time and achieve speedier deployment.

The microLED difference

At Samsung, the microLED manufacturing process mass-transfers micrometer-scale LEDs onto flat modules that fit together like tiles, seamlessly linking to create a uniform visual canvas that’s scaled to your space.

For outstanding color accuracy, the microscopic gaps between the LEDs form the “true black” base of the tiles on The Wall, creating maximum contrast and amplifying details. Black Seal technology means The Wall resists the ambient light that can make LED canvases look gray rather than black.

Through advanced picture processing and Ultra Chroma Technology, The Wall delivers HDR10+ visuals, with optimized brightness and contrast. Narrower wavelengths produce far purer RGB colors than conventional LEDs. This becomes crucial in federal command and control centers, where image accuracy is especially critical.

The Wall All-in-One has a 0.84mm pixel pitch. Some conventionally manufactured LED displays may have similar pixel pitch, but most surface-mounted device (SMD), fine-pitch, LED cabinets — the tiled screens that form video walls — contain hundreds of pixels. Samsung Wall offers thousands in a similar cabinet, narrowing the display to the optimal pixel pitch. Because the microscopic pixels take up so little space on the LED module, they can be surrounded by a deep black background, producing significantly stronger contrast.

The Wall’s microLED design delivers up to 8K resolution by arranging just three cabinets in a row. SMD LED displays generally require a dozen or more horizontally tiled cabinets, filling a whole wall, to achieve 8K resolution.

Built to last

SMD LED display modules are easily damaged and expensive to repair. As a result, these video wall designs are often set out of reach of physical threats like strollers, shopping carts or luggage. The new generation of direct view LED displays by Samsung are tougher and can withstand bumps and scratches from customers. The Wall is resistant to water, dust and static shock.

Investing in The Wall All-in-One isn’t short-term. Samsung designed the hardware to last, so an office video wall can be part of your business environment for years to come.

Deciding to install The Wall All-in-One is no small investment, but it comes with a big payoff — that’s clear from every angle. Make sure you do it right — get your free guide to digital signage project planning in your organizational space.

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