The past two years has proved that online shopping is here to stay, and many brands ramped up their ecommerce efforts to meet consumer demands. But, it also proved that there’s still no substitute for certain in-store experiences. Now that retailers are opening their doors again, in-store shopping is rising back to pre-pandemic levels, with 47 percent of people reporting shopping in-store daily or weekly, up from 41 percent in mid-2020.

Some retailers have used the last year to develop new, creative ways to entice customers to return to stores. As an update to their brick-and-mortar store design, many retailers are incorporating LED video walls — such as The Wall — both for branding and for experiential benefits. Not only are these retail wall displays visually stunning and easily customizable, they encourage buyers to make a purchase.

Retailers are using this Samsung technology to set a tone and distinguish their premium retail environment as more modern and forward-thinking than the competition. With customizable modules, The Wall video display can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes according to your unique retail space. And the cutting-edge microLED display technology brings videos and still images to life in striking detail, even up close. If customers — or their shopping carts — get too close and bump, scratch or touch the display, The Wall’s shock-resistant technology will withstand the impact.

1. Showcase your brand’s true colors

For products like makeup and luxury fashion, it’s critical that your ads reflect the true colors of your brand. High-end cosmetics companies may spend years developing trademark shades of lipstick and nail polish. To honor that effort — and help it pay off — the product marketing should display the precise trademarked shade.

The Wall LED video display has the technology for retailers to showcase the premium nature of their brand in vibrant color and high contrast. Ultra Chroma and Black Seal technology display true-to-life colors against a pure black canvas. The exceptionally black base reduces reflection so the colors are precise no matter what kind of lighting you have in your store.

2. Generate excitement for live events and product launches

Whether you’re hosting a product launch, a charity event or a celebrity appearance, your in-store event doesn’t have to be limited to one location. Customers at your other storefronts — even in a different city, state or country — can also participate by watching a live broadcast on an LED video display. The innovative display technology creates an immersive viewing experience that transports customers. This use case especially suits brands that partner with influencers or have highly anticipated product launches where they want to maximize participation and viewership.

The Wall’s design is fully customizable, so retailers can scale their video wall as big as they like and wrap it around the corners and curves in the store. Working closely with partners, Samsung’s turnkey service and support assists retailers with the planning, design and installation stages, accelerating the installation timeline and reducing downtime for retailers.

3. Highlight memorable merchandise

Luxury markets like high-end real estate, cars, boats and jewelry inherently lend themselves to The Wall’s display capabilities. In one showroom, a colossal video wall might show awe-inspiring images of a yacht sailing across the open water, a sleek sports car navigating a winding cliffside road or a multimillion-dollar estate with flowing fountains and colorful gardens.

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The Wall allows you to showcase your products in a hyperrealistic way, so clients are witness to your brand’s quality and craftsmanship. In an automotive showroom, for example, prospective buyers can view the specs of a vehicle in incredible detail. Seeing the product in action or up close on an LED video display, clients can more readily imagine the benefits of their purchase, giving you that extra push to make a deal.

4. Make an emotional appeal

Perhaps the most appealing feature of The Wall is its emotional effect on shoppers — something marketers spend years studying. The Wall’s visuals are so crisp they’re almost 3D, mentally transporting customers wherever you want to take them. Retailers can use The Wall to evoke joy, envy or surprise in customers, creating an emotional attachment between the consumer and the product.

Retailers can even customize The Wall’s viewing experience for each unique customer by making dynamic content updates through a content management system (CMS) like MagicINFO.

With consumers ready to spend in person again, brands can set themselves apart by using video walls to create experiences that are interactive, immersive and — most importantly — memorable.

Discover all that The Wall can do for your customers, and how they remember your brand. But if you’re not sure The Wall suits your store, you can find the right display tech for your space, style and budget with Samsung’s free assessment.

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