A client wants to meet at a nearby coffee shop to discuss a new opportunity. Later, there’s a team meeting at the office to hammer out the year’s strategic plan. In between is an industry event where prospects will likely be roaming the halls and open to networking.

Depending on their tasks and priorities, employees may need to cover a lot of ground in a single day. That’s why they should be able to easily access their data and applications from wherever they happen to be working. As a result, approximately 40% of employees have shifted to working either hybrid or exclusively remotely.

The people who can operate this way are being described as “remote-capable” employees, but it’s not just HR policies that empower them to be productive outside a traditional office. They also depend on tools and technology to get work done and be productive on the road or off-site. Samsung’s Galaxy S24 was purpose-built to make that happen.

Meet the Galaxy S24 Series

Backed by a durable design and Samsung Knox security, which offers manageable real-time and collaborative data protection, S24 Series uses Galaxy AI to adapt to your business needs and goals, making a new level of achievement possible.

These are just some of the ways the S24 will help you and your team unleash epic productivity at work in all its forms:

1. A flatter screen for a fuller, edge-to-edge experience

We’ve come a long way since the days when smartphone screens were primarily intended to show us who left a voicemail message. In fact, knowledge workers now use an average of 11 applications compared to six in 2019. We’re using them on our smartphones to fire off emails, take video calls and review complex documents, among other tasks.

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Fortunately, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a fuller, flatter screen that gives you more room to do what you need. Beyond the tasks just mentioned, the device’s screen makes it even easier to draw, take notes or mark them up using the S Pen.

You can maximize productivity even further by setting up a dynamic lock screen with widgets that keep you up to date on the weather, upcoming meetings and more.

The S24 Ultra, S24+ and S24 screens are not only bigger but brighter. You won’t be wasting time squinting or looking for shade to see key details, and an Eye Comfort Shield protects your vision when your work takes you into the evening.

2. Circle to Search with Google

We throw away more time than we realize trying to figure out the best words to describe what we’re looking for online. This could include everything from digging up market research for a client proposal to locating the keynote stage at a conference. If the right results don’t show up, you may need to come up with several different phrases.

Circle to Search with Google changes all that. See a location you like for your next tradeshow on social media? Simply draw a circle to learn where it’s being held. See a video presentation that showcases a competitor product? Circle to search. This is searching at work speed, where everything you’re looking for is now just a circle away.

3. Notes Assist

Your emphasis should be on capturing ideas, such as a potential new product, emerging customer needs or a change in process that could enhance business operations. In practice, though, note-taking can be a cumbersome activity. You need to make sure they’re organized, rendered in a way that’s easy to understand and key points don’t get buried.

Using Galaxy AI, S24’s Notes Assist feature will automatically summarize, format and even translate your ideas. Turn minute-taking into executive overviews fast. Spend less time getting information out to those that need it, in a way they can understand and act on.

4. Chat Assist

Employees spend 42% of their time working with others, including through digital tools. When you’re rushing between the office and a client site, or from home to the airport, it’s easy to make typos or come off the wrong way in a chat. Friends and family might be forgiving when this happens, but you don’t want to sound too abrupt with colleagues or too formal with a client with whom you’ve developed a warm relationship.

Saying the right thing at the right time becomes much easier with Chat Assist, which provides real-time suggestions as you’re composing or responding to messages. The technology even lets you tailor your conversations to adopt a “business professional” tone as the occasion demands, or a more casual tone with people you know well.

Chat Assist also checks for spelling and grammar errors, so you can focus on the crux of your message. No more endless follow-ups because of misunderstandings and other communication snafus.

5. S-Pen camera button and Generative Edit

Experienced Galaxy users will already be familiar with the power of the S Pen to offer a more dynamic means of creating or working with digital content. With the S24 Ultra, however, the built-in S Pen also contains a button that lets you snap a picture without wriggling with your smartphone’s camera directly.

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Imagine how this could save time and effort when you’re trying to capture a customer photo for a testimonial, or showcasing how your products look in a range of different environments. Those quick pics can achieve jaw-dropping quality thanks to S24’s Generative Edit feature, which removes unwanted objects and adjusts the colors to make images pop.

6. Live Translate

“Think locally, act globally” has long been the mantra for growing businesses, especially as digital channels make it possible to market and sell in almost any geography. The one barrier that can still come up at times is an inability to make yourself understood by audiences in various parts of the world.

The S24 series’ Live Translate feature is another example of where Galaxy AI can unleash new value by offering near real-time translations right through the Samsung Phone app. You can pitch new clients, grasp what’s being said at trade shows in a foreign country or manage international transactions. You’ll never be lost in translation again.

7. Galaxy Watch integration

Wearables can be a powerful productivity booster because they free you from needing your smartphone on hand at all times. Now you can seamlessly connect your Galaxy Watch and a S24 Series device, so you can stay on top of texts and emails and answer calls.

All the productivity innovations you know and love

If you’ve already used Galaxy smartphones in the past, you’ll appreciate many of the tools that continue to improve and are featured in the S24 Series. Quick Share, for example, lets you easily share work content on the fly. Link to Windows keeps your phone and PC in sync. Samsung DeX turns your phone into a PC-like experience to get the job done, and Microsoft Office integration ensures you’ll have all the productivity software you’ve come to rely on.

The S24 Series also boasts an upgraded battery optimized to last longer, so you can stay charged for every partner meeting, project and sales pitch.

With the Galaxy S24, your business opens up to levels of productivity you and your team have never experienced before.

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