How to boost productivity with the S Pen on your Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung’s iconic stylus, the S Pen, is more powerful than ever on the new Galaxy S24 Ultra. S Pen has always been somewhat of a magic wand for work, enabling you to use your phone more productively, intuitively and creatively wherever your workday takes you. With the arrival of Galaxy AI on the S24 Ultra, you get a set of all-new S Pen features in addition to the tried-and-true use cases.

Here are seven tips for boosting your productivity using S Pen on Galaxy S24 Ultra:

1. Take notes and make to-dos

Whether meeting with a new client, kicking off a big project or conducting a monthly staff meeting, taking notes and documenting next steps is critical for a successful business. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen when used with Samsung Notes allows you to quickly jot down key takeaways and to-dos with the fluidity of pen on paper, transforming your day from busy to productive.

As soon as the S Pen is removed from the device, the Air Command menu appears. From there, you can quickly access tools and shortcuts that make S Pen a powerful and versatile business productivity enhancer. Improve the clarity of your Notes by inserting images or voice recordings. Notes are safely stored in the cloud, so you can revisit and update them at any time from any of your Galaxy devices.

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2. Quickly organize notes

In today’s fast pace business landscape, time is a valuable resource. There’s often just enough time to quickly jot down notes before scrambling to the next meeting or call. New to the S series on Galaxy S24 Ultra, Note Assist will summarize, format and even translate your Samsung Notes content for you with the power of Galaxy AI. All of your Notes are organized neatly so you can find what you need when you need it. Whether you’re taking meeting minutes, making lists or outlining next steps, stay productive with a phone that lets you take notes freely and effortlessly. Take back the time once spent cleaning up notes and use it to maximize productivity in other areas.

3. Select and annotate

Also, one tap away in the Air Command menu is Smart Select. This tool lets you quickly snip anything on the screen by just drawing a box or freehand lasso around it. Once selected, you can add annotations, extract text and more. Share your feedback on a chart with one more tap from the Smart Select pop-up menu. Smart Select is your new best friend for markups on the go.

4. Circle to Search with Google

All the info you need is now just a circle away, thanks to Galaxy AI and the new Circle to Search with Google feature on Galaxy S24 Ultra. Research keynote speakers, event locations and trends simply by circling them on your phone’s screen using S Pen. A separate window with search results will pop up automatically. Circle. Search. Get back to work. It’s that easy.

5. Translate between 30+ languages

In an increasingly diverse and global economy, the ability to share ideas and communicate across languages is critical. Whether doing business internationally or collaborating with local colleagues who speak a different language, the Translate feature in Air Command menu acts as a dedicated interpreter. Simply choose your source and target language, hover over the word or block of text and see the translation instantly. With more than 30 languages, the Translate feature helps you instantly interpret emails, documents and even spoken text with the tap of the speaker icon.

6. Write on the lock screen

Once you become comfortable with S Pen and Air Command on Galaxy S24 Ultra, explore the Advanced Features menu in Settings. Here, you’ll find additional capabilities like the “Screen off memo” option. With Screen off memo enabled, you can take notes on Galaxy S24 Ultra without even unlocking the display. As if one tap wasn’t efficient enough, you now need zero. Simply slip the S Pen from the slot and start writing an important reminder such as a meeting time or deadline.

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7. Set gestures

The Bluetooth enabled S Pen acts as a remote control within select apps to help maximize productivity. Simply press the button on the side of the pen to activate the Air Actions menu to view all the available gestures. Whether taking selfies to promote your business on social media, using your phone on a tripod for a campaign photo shoot, or to start and stop a video, S Pen’s gesture capabilities in the Camera app makes it easier. Need a closer look? Circle the S Pen clockwise to zoom in, or swipe up and down to switch cameras. Advance PowerPoint slides seamlessly during that next big meeting with a click of the S-pen. Need to go bigger? Consider using Samsung DeX on a larger display to take make sure your audience sees your message.

Do more with S

You do a lot of business on your phone. S Pen allows you to do even more. These are just a few of the many productivity enhancements you’ll get with S Pen on Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung’s brightest display yet, with a flatter screen for a fuller view and edge-to-edge S Pen compatibility. You can also try writing emails by hand, converting handwriting to text and sketching ideas with your all-in-one mobile device as a blank canvas.

No separate purchase is necessary; S Pen is embedded in Galaxy S24 Ultra as a new secret weapon for your work.

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