When you provision a new smartphone to employees, they’ll already know how to use it to text, email, or make and receive calls. Give them a device from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series, however, and they instantly gain access to a host of new capabilities they’ve never experienced before.

Designed to offer managed security and an unrivaled experience that will empower employee productivity, the Galaxy S24 Series, which includes Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, is ideal for organizations looking to elevate the way work gets done. The S24 devices adapt to your business needs and goals with features that include the fastest Snapdragon processor in a Galaxy smartphone to date, titanium-tough durability, DeX and Microsoft Office 365 integration.

It’s Galaxy AI, however, that makes a new level of achievement possible. The best part? Getting started with these new capabilities couldn’t be simpler. Ask the team to test out the following new ways of working:

Step 1: Stop typing random keywords, and Circle to Search instead

Let’s say you’re a marketing manager who has been tasked with finding the next keynote speaker for your organization’s customer conference. The traditional approach would be to enter your company’s industry into a search engine, along with terms like “keynote speaker” or “expert” and see what comes up.

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In the course of your job, however, you might spot a compelling and authoritative person talking in an online video. The speaker’s face and name might not be familiar, though, which will require digging through LinkedIn and other sources.

With the S24 devices’ Circle to Search with Google feature, this process speeds up dramatically. Just use your finger to draw a circle around the speaker’s face, and you’ll immediately be connected to a page of relevant Google results that provide all the details you need. You could repeat this same process by drawing a circle on a graph to find the sources behind market research, or to look up almost any other business topic.

Step 2: Begin breaking down language barriers with Live Translate

As more brands take a digital-first approach, they should be able to expand into any corner of the globe. In some cases, though, language presents a formidable barrier. No one wants to be scrambling to copy and paste text messages into an online translation tool, or to force someone who prefers to speak by phone to use a channel where their words can be interpreted more easily.

The Galaxy S24 Series solves this with Live Translate. There’s no special download required. You just open the existing Samsung Phone app and Galaxy AI that’s built into the device’s keyboard can automatically translate text messages and emails. Live Translate even works in real time to translate text from phone calls. This lets your team move forward with critical business transactions, develop presentations for multilingual audiences and more.

Step 3: Collaborate with Galaxy AI to enhance note-taking and communication via chat

Whether they’re working on a project or closing a deal, employees are most likely juggling a couple of tasks at once, such as taking notes and chatting with coworkers and customers. In both cases, many things can go wrong, from meeting notes that are difficult to decipher to a poorly worded message that accidentally creates a bad impression on the recipient.

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Galaxy S24 devices allow you to take notes smarter and put your best foot forward with Note Assist and Chat Assist, respectively. Both features are directly integrated into your existing workflows. With Note Assist, for instance, you can continue to jot down ideas and key takeaways as you normally would. In the background, however, Note Assist will be summarizing, formatting and even translating your notes so everything is organized when you need to refer to them.

Chat Assist is just as efficient, bringing up real-time suggestions and recommendations as you type new messages to your contacts. Tailor your messages to adopt a more professional tone, for instance, or opt for a more casual voice with contacts you know well. The technology also addresses typos that can get in the way of communicating your key points.

Step 4: Create more ambitious multimedia content that informs, educates, inspires and converts

Your team probably realizes that great photos and videos are essential elements in helping nurture prospective customers to invest in your products and services. The trouble comes when they’re working in less-than-ideal conditions and are worried the results won’t look professional enough.

Enter the S24 Ultra’s high-resolution zoom and the S24 Series’ Nightography zoom. Even if you’re sitting many rows away from the front of a conference, you’ll be able to capture key moments at a business event or set up a product photo at a distance to take in a wider background. Hosting a client dinner? Galaxy S24 devices can deal with dim lighting if employees want to take a picture for marketing purposes afterward. Smooth video capture features also allow employees to record a quick testimonial or even a product demo.

The Galaxy S24 lineup also includes a Generative Edit feature that accelerates what used to be a time-consuming process of finalizing photos. Employees can easily remove unwanted objects or adjust colors with a few simple clicks. They can also add effects using the S Pen right before they share them on your brand’s social media accounts or directly to third parties.

The recurring theme with all these features is they don’t come with a steep learning curve that will require extensive employee training. It’s only a matter of making the team aware of what they can do with the advanced Galaxy S24 Series, and then they’ll see how epic it is for business — just like that.

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