How the Tab Active5 can empower employees across multiple industries

A courier is already running late for an important delivery when they realize they’re getting lost. Even though it’s raining, the courier has no choice but to unfold the paper map from their back pocket and try to figure out the right coordinates.

At a nearby restaurant, a server is dealing with a demanding lunch crowd. On their way back to the kitchen, they flip frantically through their pad to make sure they relay the right order. They remember a group at another table impatiently waiting to pay but first they’re going to have to run back to the bar and grab the handheld credit card reader.

Those patrons are impatient because they have to get back to their jobs at a major manufacturing firm. There’s a huge number of items to be scanned in the warehouse, and as they all know, the clunky barcode scanners they’re given may not always work on the first try.

Galaxy Tab Active5: A tablet that’s got your back

Though the work these people do is very different, they can all achieve better results when they’re armed with a business tablet that’s more than up for the job. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Active5, for instance, was designed with field-ready capabilities to support employees across multiple industries.

Rather than juggle multiple devices or work with outdated paper-based processes, the Tab Active5 combines all the tools you need in one tablet. This lightens the load for frontline workers and gives them the performance businesses need along with the productivity they want.

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Featuring a responsive touchscreen that makes it easy to knock out tasks, a long-lasting battery that keeps the workflow going, and durability to withstand drops and spills, the Tab Active5 helps employees feel confident tackling any job. Let’s revisit the three industries we just talked about to see what a difference provisioning the right tablet can make.


Our courier is in a much better position to deliver their packages on time and to the right place using the Tab Active5. Connectivity options such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6 ensure they can access GPS tools to identify the best routes and real-time navigation tips.

Once they arrive on-site, meanwhile, our courier can easily capture signatures on their Tab Active5 using the S Pen to confirm receipt. Using the same device for multiple tasks brings increased speed and efficiency throughout the day.

Couriers also work in a variety of weather conditions, including high heat. Fortunately, the Tab Active5 includes a No Battery Mode, which means they can keep their device safely powered regardless of seasonal temperatures.


Back at the restaurant, the server appreciates the Tab Active5, too. Using digital devices has traditionally been challenging for those in hospitality and food services who might need to wear sanitary gloves as part of their job. Touch Sensitivity Mode on the Tab Active5 changes all that, allowing restaurant employees to manage applications with their gloves on, ensuring a clean work environment.

When customers want the bill, our server can use the same device to seamlessly process payments instead of fetching a third-party credit card reader. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) support means the Tab Active5 can handle payments seamlessly and easily.

The potential for tablets in this sector extends even further. Restaurants can offer self-service capabilities by getting up Tab Active5 devices to manage table-side ordering.


The manufacturing team leaves the restaurant and arrives back ready to work. Not with a cumbersome standalone scanner, however. They have been equipped with Tab Active5 devices that allow them to simply and rapidly scan inventory items using a customizable, programmable key that activates Knox Capture.

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Tablets might have once seemed too fragile to work in a factory or warehouse space, but no job is too tough for the Tab Active5. They have met stringent, military-grade durability tests such as IP68 and MIL-STD 810H, which means they’ll withstand bumps and light drops.

If their shift stretches into overtime, those employees won’t have to deal with the hassle of plugging each tablet into a separate cable. Tab Active5 devices feature multi-slot POGO pins, allowing the entire team to charge their tablets simultaneously.

Applying the Tab Active5’s capabilities to other businesses

These three scenarios are just the beginning in terms of the industries that benefit from the Tab Active5. The same durability and touch sensitivity can work just as well in sectors such as law enforcement, for instance. Store associates can use the Tab Active5’s S Pen and mPOS capabilities much like their counterparts in food service. Accessories like vehicle charging cradles mean the Tab Active5 can work just as well in transport trucks, field tech vans and more.

No matter what kind of business you’re running, choosing the Tab Active5 also means your data is protected by Samsung Knox — a defense-grade security platform built into Samsung devices. And tools like Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Manage help streamline the process of provisioning and updating devices.

The versatility of the Tab Active5 comes down to a design that ensures you’re choosing a device that’s secure, compliant, and business-ready — and built to keep up with your team’s workday.

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