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Cloud-based platforms enable automation, scalability — and success

In an increasingly digital landscape, retail brands must ensure a consistent and engaging omnichannel experience. One of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with consumers is with digital signage, which delivers clear, consistent and on-brand messaging.

That’s just the starting point, too. Today’s digital signage is a world away from its static, analog counterpart, which requires countless hours designing, ordering, printing, delivering and installing new marketing materials. The best digital signage, on the other hand, utilizes a cloud-based content management system (CMS) to make creating, designing and deploying eye-catching visuals and tailored promotions easy. This is partly because the cloud platform provides the tools and templates to do so — no coding or IT experience needed — as well as an intuitive interface.

A cloud-based CMS, such as Samsung VXT, also makes it easily scalable, with centralized control of all displays across many locations, not just one. That includes automation tools, which further streamline operations. This, in turn, drives sales and raises profits. Here’s how.

Watch your business grow

With cloud-based platforms such as Samsung VXT, retailers can drive sales by delivering tailored promotions at the right time and place. This agility is critical for adapting to changing market conditions, responding to competitor actions and aligning promotions with current trends and events. Retailers can schedule and automate promotions at the optimal time to maximize impact.

Cloud-based platforms also support dynamic pricing strategies, allowing retailers to adjust prices in real time based on demand, inventory levels and even factors like the weather. Additionally, a native retail media network ensures always-on business operations and minimizes display downtime with the recovery power of the cloud. Samsung VXT consists of granular block structures, so if an error occurs, the display shutdown range is ultra-focused. This allows for faster recovery and reduced business downtime. By minimizing failures and maximizing rapid recovery, Samsung CMS offers peace of mind, so businesses can focus on scaling and growth.

VXT also helps retailers create new revenue streams by monetizing displays through third-party ads. Samsung Ads can help you reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. For instance, retailers might place a display near a checkout line to show ads to customers waiting to pay, while restaurants do the same for diners waiting for to-go food in the lobby or curbside pickup spots. Efficiency also improves revenue by lowering operating expenses, as you only pay for what you want with this low-cost, cloud-native solution.

Content management made easy

One of the most attractive features of a cloud-based CMS is that it makes it easy to get your content up and running quickly. With a retail content management system, you can create and distribute dynamic content at scale on any display — even if you don’t have a tech-savvy bone in your body.

Samsung VXT employs user-friendly content creation and management features that require no prior training, allowing almost anyone to effortlessly develop and deploy content. This streamlines operations, which frees up time to focus on crafting unique and compelling content using the extensive array of templates available within the Samsung VXT CMS. Users can easily create, schedule and deploy compelling content on a PC or mobile device with pre-loaded drag-and-drop templates, graphics and images.

Digital signage content management made easy

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Level up to the cloud

Unlike traditional solutions that require on-site servers, cloud-based platforms empower retailers to instantly deploy messages, information and announcements across an entire display ecosystem. They also help project a modern image for the brand, which both inspires confidence and amplifies impact.

For large brands, content must be consistent across worldwide networks, covering multiple locations and regions. Whether deploying content to one screen or one thousand — locally or globally — a cloud-based CMS helps deliver elevated experiences anytime, anywhere. For example, restaurants can instantly make menu updates and price changes or introduce limited-run items, while retail brands might announce a sale that just kicked off.

In addition to disseminating information, Samsung VXT engages customers with vibrant display content that is visually appealing. With VXT Canvas, for instance, displays can turn any space into an art gallery with content from major museums around the world.

New possibilities in the cloud

The integration of cloud-based platforms such as Samsung VXT is revolutionizing the retail landscape. Dynamic digital signage managed by a cloud-based CMS opens up new possibilities for engagement and revenue generation. For businesses focused on scalability and automation, a retail content management system is key to taking operations to the next level.

Sign up for a VXT free trial here. And learn more about how digital signage and retail media solutions provide more ROI for retailers.

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