Improved productivity isn’t just a precursor to growth for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It’s a prerequisite.

When a marketing team improves its productivity, for example, it can develop more campaigns that generate extra leads for the sales team. A highly productive sales team will turn those leads into more closed deals. With additional revenue, SMBs can make further investments that help the company achieve more ambitious targets.

Productivity and growth aren’t just nice-to-haves for SMBs. According to a recent survey, 40% of SMBs call 2024 a “make or break” year for their long-term survival. A challenging economy, a tight labor market and rising customer expectations pressure them to deliver on their goals more quickly.

Another research report found that 79% of SMBs are looking at international sales to further their growth. This necessitates easily communicating and managing customer experiences across various languages and contexts. However, the same report found 67% aren’t confident in their ability to keep up with the technologies that could support them.

While AI is making daily headlines, for instance, SMBs might be understandably overwhelmed at the thought of becoming experts in areas like machine learning and natural language processing. There are also ongoing concerns about the impact of AI on jobs.

Still, according to the IDC, 28% of SMBs are using AI within their technology departments. And when asked which forward-looking technology areas will be priorities in the next year, SMB technology decision-makers ranked process automation — which can be fueled by AI — number one.

The truth is that some of the most powerful AI capabilities available today were deliberately designed to enhance humans’ work. For instance, the latest Galaxy S24S24+ and S24 Ultra showcase what Samsung is calling Galaxy AI — features and tools that are easy to use and tailor-made for helping SMBs boost their productivity and growth.

Utilizing the S24, SMBs can:

1. Accelerate the process of researching customer needs and business opportunities

According to a 2024 survey, 50% of SMBs plan to expand their business and 46% are focused on finding more customers. That means they’ll have to stay on top of emerging market trends and changes, which can feel like a never-ending game of catch-up.

There’s always a conference that may or may not be worth attending. Analyst firms produce surveys that might point toward better business operations. Customers and prospects are constantly sharing their thoughts and ideas on social media.

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Digging into all this material can take more time than many SMBs have, especially if they have to hop between their apps and a search engine. The Galaxy S24 Series gets past this hurdle with Circle to Search with Google.

If you’re reading an e-book and come across new terminology you don’t understand, for example, you can instantly learn the definition by drawing a circle around the words on your phone.

Rather than pouring through a conference website, Circle to Search with Google can bring up the date, speaker and other highlights from the agenda.

When someone posts a picture on Instagram that looks like a good spot for a new store or office location, Circle to Search with Google can provide details to determine whether you should investigate further.

2. Create trust and confidence with customers beyond your borders

The rise of e-commerce has opened a world of possibilities to buyers, and they are ready to explore it. It’s predicted that nearly a third of U.S. digital buyers will make overseas purchases in 2024.

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It’s not just a matter of adding a “buy” button and marketing to other countries, though. What happens if customers have questions or concerns about product quality, shipping or return policies?

Using Live Translate by Galaxy AI, SMBs investing in S24 devices can assure customers of these issues whether they’re shopping in Spain, India, Germany and many other locales. Live Translate also makes you more productive in responding to global customer reviews and social media comments.

Closer to home, Live Translate could also support better communication with local customers who don’t speak English or are learning it as their second language, which can go a long way in making customers feel recognized and valued.

3. Humanize customer support to boost retention and loyalty

Chatbots can help with low-level requests, but customers often expect small businesses to have a more personal touch. For instance, 73% would like to interact with a human being when resolving an issue with a bill, and 71% said the same about accessing technical support. Even 65% prefer to talk to a person versus a machine when buying a new TV.

Given how often SMB professionals work on the go, they tend to provide support through voice calls and chat messages. This is where communicating with the right tone becomes critically important. Enter S24’s Chat Assist, which can help you handle questions or complaints using a more business casual or business professional chat style depending on the situation and audience. Chat Assist offers real-time suggestions to ensure you’re communicating in a way that creates the right impression.

You can chat with more customers simultaneously when you’re not worrying about how you’re coming across in a chat (or making typos). Yet another productivity driver that contributes to loyalty and growth.

4. Influence to raise awareness and attract new customers

Customers may look like they’re just scrolling on social media, but don’t be fooled. Many of them are shopping, too. In a recent poll, 48% of consumers admitted they’d made an impulse purchase based on social content they consumed on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Large companies have often pursued this segment by signing a deal with an influencer who already commands a large following. SMBs need to be more pragmatic and create their own social content, but traditionally, achieving the same production values has been challenging. That changes with Galaxy S24, which accelerates the capturing and fine-tuning of images and videos that drive conversion.

S24 doesn’t just help you take a picture, for example. Generative Edit eases the process of removing unwanted objects, getting colors to pop or other tweaks — the kind of work that once required professional editing software or hiring a third-party agency to finalize campaign imagery.

With S24 Ultra’s high-resolution zoom, you can snap stunning product photography to post on Instagram channels, even from far away. Thanks to the Ultra’s Nightography zoom, getting a crystal-clear shot in dark conditions no longer presents a barrier.

Smooth video capture on S24 means you can shoot clips for TikTok or Snapchat with confidence that they’ll look stable. Instead of hiring a camera crew for these projects, S24 simplifies video production via dual recording, which lets you shoot with the main camera and the selfie cam at the same time. This way, you can produce more content where customers are actively engaging to help grow your business.

5. Capture the voice of the customer to develop better experiences

Getting it right the first time isn’t always enough to generate loyalty and repeat business. In fact, 46% of consumers want their experience with a brand to get easier and more convenient over time. That’s only possible when you use every interaction to learn about their needs, wants and preferences.

Sales reps often have a front-row seat to these insights, but their focus is understandably on closing deals and hitting their quota. Plus, they might not be expert note-takers or struggle to make sense of everything they jotted down.

Here’s where the value of Note Assist on S24 Series comes to the forefront. Sales reps can turn their notes from discovery calls or client meetings into invaluable data sources. Whether they’re typing or using the S Pen, Note Assist can summarize the notes, organize them and identify the most salient points. The technology can also automatically format notes into headings, bullets and action items. The outlined notes can feed into a company’s CRM and internal discussions with counterparts across marketing, service and other functions.

Building upon a track record of best-in-class mobile productivity features

S24’s most unique productivity benefit stems from its continuity with the rest of your Galaxy ecosystem, whether it’s a Galaxy Watch6Galaxy Book4 Series or Galaxy Buds Pro2.

This is in addition to productivity enablers Galaxy users have come to know and love, such as Quick Share, Link to Windows and DeX. Best of all, S24 devices are backed by Samsung Knox and overseen via Knox Manage, which makes device management and security much easier for the many SMBs that don’t employ dedicated IT staff.

Of course, SMBs are also highly conscious about managing their expenses. Samsung is helping lessen device acquisition costs through bulk trade-in programs, volume discounts and Samsung Business Financing, which allows them to finance devices for over 12 months.

Even better, Galaxy S24 is helping to protect the planet’s ecosystem by continuing to scale the variety of recycled materials in Galaxy devices. It takes it one step further by featuring components made with recycled cobalt and rare earth materials for the first time. Galaxy S24 Ultra, for example, uses 50% recycled cobalt in the battery and 100% recycled rare earth elements in the speakers.

In the S24 Series, Galaxy AI gives SMBs something akin to a personal assistant — one ready to help across a range of tasks and that will only keep learning and improving over time. It’s the sustainable productivity powerhouse SMBs have been waiting for, especially if they’re ready to grow.

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