For workers lugging heavy laptop bags and businesses seeking to provide employees with flexible technology for working remotely, sleek powerful tablets hold a lot of appeal. But for a tablet to be your go-to device for important parts of your workday, it has to tick a lot of boxes.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S9, S9+ and S9 Ultra do just that, combining PC-like performance with smart multitasking features that make for a powerful productivity tool, whether you are on the go or at a desk connecting to a monitor.

Samsung has been refining its business-focused tablet line for some time. The original Galaxy Tab S, released back in 2014, was its first foray into designing an Android tablet specifically for business multitasking. Over the years, it hasn’t stopped innovating, adding an advanced S Pen, compatibility with Samsung DeX, and boosting storage, memory and battery life.

With Galaxy Tab S9, Samsung has expanded the range to three models. These include the 11-inch Galaxy Tab S9 and 12.4-inch S9+, as well as the Tab S9 Ultra, which boasts a 14.6-inch screen while retaining the thin, light form factor. All three also offer wide-angle, front-facing cameras and integrated video calling.

The Galaxy Tab S9 line also recognizes a business’s unique connectivity needs, with support for Wi-Fi 6E and 5G and a new dual SIM that could be leveraged in organizations that use a private network.

Best of all, the Galaxy Tab S9 line now comes packed with Galaxy AI features that can help keep your business ideas flowing, enable real-time borderless communication and make everyday moments epic.

For a deeper dive, here are 10 reasons to replace your laptop with Samsung Galaxy Tab S9, S9+ or S9 Ultra:

1. A bigger display to show your products and ideas

With remote and hybrid work on the rise, having an effective work setup wherever you may be logging in has never been more paramount. With a 14.6-inch display that’s larger than what’s available on most notebooks, Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra certainly meets that criteria. Add in the new Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that guarantees sharp contrast and color quality — including a new Vision Booster in the display that uses an intelligent outdoor algorithm to adjust the illumination — and you won’t miss a beat, even on the go.

Laptops might be the primary office companion for some, but tablets offer a new world of features for those looking to tackle productivity outside the office. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 range allows you to replace your laptop with a tablet, so you can enjoy a lightweight, portable solution with the processing power to move you through your day.

2. Maximize productivity with customizable Multi-Window layouts

Many of us spend our workdays juggling between tasks like responding to email messages, entering data into business applications and managing key performance indicators on a web-based dashboard. This becomes harder when you have to jump in and out of each application all the time.

The Galaxy Tab S9 lineup goes beyond the fixed layouts of previous generations with diverse Multi-Window layouts. This makes it easy to participate in a video call while taking notes at the same time or show images of a product to a customer with a payment application for when they’re ready to take the next step. You can adjust the height and width of each layout to create the ultimate personalized workspace.

You can also avoid toggling in and out of applications and a search engine by using Circle to Search with Google. It’s an AI-based feature that lets you simply draw around a word, image or object on screen and immediately get more details or answers to common questions through Google. As you’re checking out content online, Browsing Assist can help you make sense of what’s on web pages by creating precise summaries.

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Of course, multitasking isn’t just about doing more than one thing at a time but working with accuracy and precision. This is where Drag and Split comes in, allowing you to show the current page of an app and then new content in a split view. Making quick visual checks like this can help keep your projects moving forward. The Galaxy Tab S9 line also includes an enhanced document scanning capability to digitize all your documents and reports.

3. Processor power to handle the most demanding business applications

If Galaxy Tab S9 is going to replace your laptop, it needs powerful internals to match.

The upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is faster than its predecessors, providing the performance necessary to run bandwidth-intensive apps in real time. You can also get up to 256GB of storage on the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, which can even be extended to 1TB with microSD.

The Galaxy Tab S9 Series also comes with built-in enterprise-grade security and management through Samsung Knox, offering a range of multi-layered encryption options to guard your data at rest and protect your data in transit.

4. Transform your tablet into a PC-like productivity experience with Samsung DeX

You don’t need to forfeit the experience of a full desktop when you use a tablet. Samsung DeX allows you to use your tablet like a traditional PC — with access to multiple windows, drag-and-drop functionality and more.

Either connect any Galaxy Tab S9 to a monitor using a USB-C cable or wirelessly cast to any Miracast-enabled TV. DeX also makes working with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications more intuitive than ever, connecting to your virtual desktop PC from practically anywhere.

DeX also supports app window transparency as a normal mode and provides both a portrait or landscape mode.

5. Digital note-taking and drawing to replace paper processes

Here’s something you can’t do on a traditional laptop: Draw, write and take notes, all with an included S Pen. Sketching ideas and annotating PDFs is a breeze in the updated Samsung Notes app.

Samsung’s smart stylus stores and charges directly on the back of Galaxy Tab S9, so you never lose it. You can even use the S Pen to navigate presentations with an in-air mouse. An optional S Pen Pro2 delivers even greater performance with a 60-degree tilt, pressure sensitivity and the choice of tips specifically designed for writing or drawing.

Galaxy AI features like Note Assist, meanwhile, can help boost your productivity by organizing everything you’re jotting down with your S Pen and summarizing it so it’s easy to find the key details. It can even translate your notes for you.

6. Speedy connectivity wherever your workday takes you

The rise of hybrid work models means you might be doing your job at home as much as the office. Galaxy Tab S9 and S9 Ultra ensure you can stay connected with Wi-Fi 6E for a reliable mobile experience.

For those who need flexible connectivity for productivity anywhere, Galaxy Tab S9+ offers faster and more secure Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.

Strong connectivity is critical when you’re working independently or communicating and collaborating with others. Galaxy Tab S9 also enhances those areas with Galaxy AI features like Chat Assist, which can tailor your messages to sound more professional or casual, depending on your recipient.

Then there’s Live Translate by Galaxy AI, which can translate your speech in real time whether you’re talking to an international client or chatting in person with someone who’s more comfortable speaking in a language other than English.

7. Keyboard usability that feels like you’re working on a PC

A touchscreen is great for being productive on the go, but what happens when you want to sit down and edit a document, a video or put together a slideshow?

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra’s 2-in-1 Bookcover Keyboard provides the same keyboard functions as a PC with a full-size, backlit keyboard, which has convenient shortcuts for DeX and your favorite apps. You can even wirelessly share the keyboard between your tablet and your phone.

Let’s say you’re using your keyboard to help make that slideshow. If you’re including images you’ve taken, Galaxy AI’s Generative Edit can turn every photo into a masterpiece by adjusting colors, removing unwanted objects and other suggestions. When you’re using your tablet to edit videos, Instant Slo-Mo can transform your footage into more engaging clips.

The Bookcover also offers various standing modes optimized for different uses, like creating versus presenting content. Enjoy the convenience of having your screen automatically turn on or off when you open or close the cover. A new Note-View cover, meanwhile, is optimized for natural note-taking when you’re using the S Pen.

8. A camera to enhance and bring convenience to video calls

We’re now as likely to be gathering for meetings on screen as we are in a boardroom, so the way we present ourselves and see each other on video needs to be as professional as possible.

Galaxy Tab S9 devices all feature large screens that lend themselves to an immersive experience. Every Galaxy Tab S9 model also features an ultra-wide front-facing camera with auto framing, which even works in dynamic situations. A three-way microphone and noise cancellation capabilities can improve sound quality.

Samsung is also offering higher-quality integrated video calling thanks to partnerships with leading platforms such as Cisco Webex, which lets you mute your mic, control your camera or end the call with a press of a button or an air gesture with your S Pen.

Once your video call is over, you can lean on Transcript Assist, a Galaxy AI feature that intelligently recognizes different speakers and creates transcripts in your preferred language.

9. Access to pro-level and B2B-specific apps

When you invest in the best mobile hardware, you want to be able to run the best software as well. The Galaxy Tab S9 line supports some of the most popular professional productivity apps such as GoodNotes, which makes it even easier to handwrite on a tablet screen, and ArcSite, which facilitates quick and easy CAD/CAM designs.

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Samsung has also forged partnerships with software providers that specialize in serving business-to-business (B2B) processes. Galaxy Tab S9 users can leverage Wrike or Notion, for instance, to tap into enterprise-level project management capabilities, or Zoho Campaigns to run their e-marketing efforts. Folia, meanwhile, is great for reviewing documents and making annotations with your S Pen, and Bigin gives Galaxy Tab S9 users access to customer data via a mobile CRM.

10. A connected experience to work seamlessly across your entire Galaxy ecosystem

Emailing files or images from your phone to your PC is annoying. So is having to constantly connect and then reconnect accessories like earbuds.

The benefits of switching to the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup include a connected experience with other Samsung Galaxy devices. That way, you can instantly access Samsung Notes content from a Galaxy Z Fold6 on your Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, or set it up as a second screen. Your Galaxy Buds3 Pro can also easily switch between Galaxy Tab S9 and other Galaxy devices.

Does the Galaxy Tab S9 Series offer the right devices for your business needs? Read on with this overview of Samsung’s tablet offerings. And see how you can get the most out of Samsung DeX on your Galaxy tablet.

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