In today’s constantly connected world, the experience of going to a hotel has become less about posh decor and more about how hotel technology is incorporated to personalize the guest experience. When staying at a hotel, today’s tech-savvy guests want an experience that meets or exceeds the amenities available to them at home. Forward-thinking hotels should bring sophisticated and functional technology into the guest room. By investing in high-definition televisions with internet connectivity and advanced content management capabilities, hotels can provide an engaging, convenient guest room experience.

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Five IT Considerations for the Media-Centric Hotel Room from Samsung Business USA

Focus on “Techoration”

The right hospitality TV is not only functional, but it is an integral part of the guest room’s overall decor. As the center of in-room entertainment, the hotel television should contribute positively to the overall aesthetics of the room, while providing a plethora of functionality. Televisions with thin screens and minimal bezels complement modern decor and give a luxurious feel to the room. The TV can even be mounted to the wall to make the guest room feel larger and more streamlined. Samsung’s line of hospitality TVs features embedded technology that eliminates the need for set-top boxes and unnecessary wires.

Enhance Your Guests’ Lifestyles

It’s important that the performance and features of the guest room television is at least on par with the high-end televisions guests have at home. As guests invest in better quality, larger screens for their home, their expectation is that hotels will follow suit to provide the same experience during their stay. In its 2014 study, eMarketer reported that more than 54 percent of Americans are projected to have Internet connected televisions by the end of 2015, and that number is expected to grow to more than 71 percent by the end of 2018. Hotels that do not provide this technology will likely find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

Connect with Your Guests

According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, 40 percent of Americans subscribe to a video streaming service, meaning that they have access to more content than ever before. Now that guests are arriving to their hotels with all the entertainment they could ever want already in tow, it is crucial for hotels to provide televisions that can connect to guests’ personal devices to stream content safely and efficiently. And the benefits don’t stop when the movie ends. Televisions with a built-in content management systems, like Samsung LYNK™ REACH, can be used to broadcast information about the hotel, local events and other custom-branded content.

Invest in High-Tech, Energy-Efficient Solutions

Of course, being cost-conscious does not mean cutting corners when it comes to your guests’ experience. It’s important to choose hotel technology that is also affordable and easy to maintain. According to a 2014 article by Forbes, plasma is on its way out, and LED TVs are brighter and smarter. They’re also more energy efficient, which is good news for your bottom line and Planet Earth.

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