In the past, hotel guests would entertain themselves with reading materials, watch broadcast TV or perhaps work on business documents offline on their laptops. Today, however, the Internet and mobile technology is integrated into almost every facet of life. Most people won’t leave home without packing smartphones and tablets in their luggage, while much of their personal media and work is only accessible online. In order to meet growing guest expectations, it is essential for hotels to provide in-room mobile connectivity so that patrons can use their devices as they would at home. Properties that want to exceed expectations and develop guest loyalty are now taking technology to the next level, hoping to create a personalized experience and a substantial wow factor.

Smart Hospitality TVs Let Guests View Their Own Content

Guests often preload mobile devices with television shows and movies to watch during their stay. However, they certainly don’t want to strain their eyes on a small screen. Additionally, when guests share a room, they often want to watch programming together. By installing smart television sets in your rooms with features like Samsung’s Screen Mirror, guests can seamlessly stream their own content on a larger, more visible screen. Smart television sets are quickly becoming industry standard, and failure to upgrade puts late adopters behind their competition.

Custom Applications Provide New Forms of Guest Interaction

Since apps are seemingly available for almost every function of modern day life, guests are conditioned to accessing hotel services from smart devices. By integrating guest-facing apps providing access to hotel services, you can increase staff productivity and guest satisfaction. Additionally, properties using custom apps reduce human error. After installing Samsung Smart Hospitality TVs with H-Browser, the Clark & Grand hotels in downtown Chicago are planning to integrate apps and widgets into their property. Users can access and order any number of amenities by interfacing their devices with in-room televisions, and the hotel is now beginning to design additional custom features to increase engagement and build customer loyalty.

“We have future-proofed the property for the next five years,” said Ken Barnes, vice president of IT at White Lodging Services, which develops, manages and partly owns the hotel complex. “It’s been so successful to date that I believe this may represent a tipping point in the hotel industry moving toward an integrated Smart TV solution, rather than relying on televisions that are connected to set-top boxes as we have always done in the past.”

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