Big data is much more than just “lots of data.” State-of-the-art applications gather data from many different sources in varying formats with complex relationships. Analytics yield insight into events, trends, and behaviors, and may adapt in real-time depending on specific findings. These data sets can indeed grow extremely large, with captured sequences kept for future analysis.

Which storage technology, HDDs or SSDs, excels in big data architecture? SSDs clearly win on speed, offering higher sequential read/write speeds and higher IOPS. However, deploying SSDs in hundreds or thousands of nodes could add up to a very expensive proposition. A better approach identifies critical locations where SSDs enable immediate cost-per-performance wins.

This white paper will look at the basics of big data tools, review two performance wins with SSDs in a well-known framework, as well as present some examples of emerging opportunities on the leading edge of big data technology.

Big Data SSD Architecture: Digging Deep to Discover Where SSD Performance Pays Off from Samsung Business USA