Many businesses and solution providers are modifying consumer mobile devices to support specialized tasks. Particularly in industries where employees need devices for one or two specialized functions, such as bar code readers in warehouses, dashboard-mounted tablets for truck drivers, or tabletop or free-standing kiosks for retail, restaurant and hospitality venues, it’s often easier to take a general-purpose device and customize it for a single purpose.

Samsung’s KNOX Customization solution allows companies to control and configure mobile devices to meet their requirements. Compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets, KNOX Customization provides a way for businesses to alter the interface of mobile devices for specialized applications, remove or limit access to the usual apps that come with the system, and handle security and updates. It’s a solution that is meeting diverse business needs in a wide variety of industries, from aviation, taxis and trucking to restaurants, hotels, retail shops and more.

For more information, read the full white paper below.

Customizing Consumer Mobile Devices to Meet Specific Business Needs from Samsung Business USA

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