The KNOX Customization toolkit and Sales Playbook series address the needs of businesses challenged by BYOD and an expanding mobile workforce.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement comes with benefits and challenges. Employees who use their personal and preferred mobile devices are likely happier and thus more productive, but managing and securing those phones and tablets requires more dynamic solutions than were necessary in the one-device-fits-all era.

Samsung is empowering its channel partners to address this challenge by allowing them to present flexible mobile solutions to customers rather than engaging in the price and feature battles of the old IT economy. At the heart of this shift to dynamic mobile solutions is the Samsung KNOX platform, the KNOX Workspace solution, and KNOX Customization tools enabling partners to tailor KNOX solutions to fit customer needs.

Partners play a crucial role in enabling end user organizations with technology that secures the mobile devices used by their workers. And those organizations are managing a greater number of mobile devices than ever before, with this trend showing no sign of letting up. IDC forecasts that the mobile workforce in the United States will grow from 96.2 million mobile workers in 2015 to 105.4 million in 2020. If those projections hold up, in just five years some 72.3 percent of the entire U.S. workforce will be made up of mobile workers. Further, when you add up the number of employees who use mobile devices but aren’t categorized as “mobile workers,” that number approaches 100 percent.

KNOX is specifically designed to defend and protect important business data in secure containers on top of the Android operating system. The KNOX platform is a hardware-backed, complete device security and management platform that exists in many Android-based Samsung smartphones and tablets. KNOX Customization consists of two products: Custom Toolkit, which includes enhanced custom SDKs and a custom configurator; and Custom Services, provided by Samsung and its partners for more complex solutions.

Customization adds more flexibility to the KNOX platform than ever before. KNOX Custom Toolkit and Custom Services address the increasingly complex needs of businesses managing a wide variety of devices in their mobile fleets without compromising the hardware security underpinning all KNOX devices. Samsung partners can configure and deploy mobile devices with security and management packages like KNOX Workspace to perform specific, functional uses on top of common business communication functions, as well as design specific user interfaces to optimize user experience. Partners can now configure thousands of devices for customers quickly and easily, over the air, instead of taking the slower path of working with an OEM on each individual order for custom-built devices.

Samsung partners can now set a standardized custom corporate image for an end-user organization, which embeds the customer’s brand and marketing message. The KNOX Customization toolkit also enables partners to configure manageable, secure tablets as a less costly alternative to purpose-built hardware for kiosks and digital signage.

It’s one thing to have the right solution for a demanding market; it’s another to effectively sell that solution in an arena crowded with vendors, all promising a magic pill for business challenges. Samsung equips partners with the best solution set in KNOX, KNOX Workplace, and KNOX Customization. What’s more, the vendor has developed 20 Solution Sales Playbooks around KNOX, which simplify how to sell the best mobile device management and security on the planet to the customers that need it most.

Each playbook addresses specific selling situations that partners encounter – in vertical markets such as retail, for example, and with cross-vertical sales opportunities where KNOX Customization can provide the flexibility to lock down even the most complex mobile IT environments. KNOX Solution Sales Playbooks package demo videos, solution whiteboarding, and customer references and presentations, all in one place for partners to access and use in the sales process.

Armed with KNOX and Samsung’s sales support tools, partners can address the mobile security needs of their customers and enjoy increased opportunities through professional support services.

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