Data protection is essential for creating a secure world. A data breach can cost any organization dearly, no matter its size. Therefore, every organization must do what it can to protect its sensitive and valuable information.

Nowadays, data is stored in a variety of places, with the volume of data held on mobile devices increasing rapidly. Protecting data on mobile devices requires special attention, especially if those devices are personally owned, rather than issued by the organization which then has greater control over them. Samsung’s Knox security platform and associated solutions have been developed with these growing mobile security needs in mind, providing an entire security stack from the hardware through the software layer. Because of Knox’s comprehensive security framework, it was awarded with the most “strong” ratings of any mobile platform in a recent Gartner mobile security report.

Knox Workspace Data Protection Capabilities

With regard to data protection, Samsung has developed two products — Knox Workspace and Secure Folder. Knox Workspace provides two distinct containers for separating corporate data and applications from personal information to ensure that the two cannot intermingle. Even when devices are personally owned, users can have peace of mind that their personal information is kept private, while the organization can ensure that corporate data is secure in a dedicated container that’s managed by the IT department. According to policies set by the IT department, some level of interaction can be permitted, such as allowing contact and calendar information to be available both within the work and personal containers, but restricting users from copying and pasting information from one container to another.

Among the policies available within Knox Workspace are those determining authentication, data security, virtual private network, email and application blacklisting and white-listing requirements, which can be customized according to an organization’s needs. For example, an organization may wish to deploy two-factor authentication to prevent inappropriate access to data, and may accept fingerprints, PINs, passwords or patterns as authentication factors. It can be managed through any mobile device management (MDM) solution that includes mobile container management capabilities. Should the device be lost, stolen or otherwise compromised, an organization can remotely wipe data from the work container to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Knox Workspace also allows for multiple containers to be provisioned. This is especially useful for those working for multiple employers, such as consultants working on multiple projects or doctors dividing their time between different hospitals. For other highly regulated environments such as healthcare or finance, the device can be configured to be container-only, restricting the device to the Knox Workspace and blocking its use for personal data and applications. One recently added feature is the ability to enable near field communication on the device so that it can be used for physical access control.

Secure Folder for Personal Data Protection Needs

For those wishing for a secure world that is personal, allowing for data protection without the oversight of the IT department, Samsung offers a free application called Secure Folder. This allows individual users to take advantage of the Knox security platform by providing a personal, encrypted workspace in which work data and applications are still separated from those for personal use. With this, users can be sure that their sensitive work data is safe from compromise and can be remotely wiped or locked if required. Secure Folder also provides find-my-device capabilities should a device be misplaced.

With the Knox Workspace and Secure Folder capabilities, multiple data protection needs are addressed. Organizations working in highly regulated sectors or needing to protect sensitive information can leverage the capabilities of Knox Workspace, while individuals or small businesses will find the Secure Folder solution well suited to their needs.

Learn more about how Samsung Knox provides businesses of all sizes with the data protection and security they need on our solutions page.

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