Diebold: Enhancing Field Service Efficiency Through Mobile Collaboration

What is the future of field services? When thinking of service operations, one typically envisions a single technician making a site visit and seeking to resolve an equipment issue, ideally on the first visit. But recent innovations, including the arrival of real-time mobile collaboration technology, are changing the ways in which field services are delivered.

Diebold, a financial self-service and security corporation that services ATMs and physical security devices, used these innovations to transform its field service organization in the U.S. Diebold was looking for a mobile collaboration platform to accelerate the training process for new team members by allowing them to receive on-the-job training in real time. The solution to Diebold’s challenge came from Samsung, Verizon and Librestream, whose Onsight software on Samsung smartphones made a dramatic impact on Diebold’s field services organization by allowing technicians to collaborate in real time. This collaboration had a strong impact on the effectiveness of Diebold’s training, and also helped the company hit key success metrics, such as improving first-time resolution rates for service calls.

Watch the video to learn more about how Samsung, Verizon and Librestream collaborated to vastly enhance Diebold’s field service efficiency.

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