Technology budgets — like the rest of school budgets — are constantly stretched to the limit. The specter of total cost of ownership hovers over every expenditure. Computers need to be repaired and replaced, while software updates and troubleshooting can quickly eat up the resources of small IT teams. And teachers need access to the latest applications that give them the power to improve classroom management, learning and engagement.

For many districts, Chromebooks have been the solution, providing both a lower initial purchase price and long-term savings on total cost of ownership. Not only are they low-cost, fast-booting devices that run all the apps a school needs, Chromebooks are also designed to take full advantage of the Chrome ecosystem and the efficiencies it offers educators and technology support staff. These devices take less time to get ready for students — only seconds to boot — and store all documents and files in the cloud so everyone can access their files no matter what happens to their device.

Ready to move to Chromebooks in your school or district? Make sure to tie the deployment into educational goals and get buy-in from teachers, staff and parents. Your students will buy in once they start using them.

Read the eBook below to learn more about how Chromebooks can increase savings and help students learn more efficiently.

Justifying Chrome Conversion: Making the Case for Chromebooks with Proven ROI from Samsung Business USA