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Live 360 VR Press Conferences Are the Future: Is Your Business Ready?

Typically, press conferences are events that we get snippets of information from, filtered by the journalists who are in the room and viewed from a single vantage point. But 360 VR press conferences are set to revolutionize how businesses communicate with their customers by putting everyone in the heart of the action.

At the 2016 Olympic Games taking place in Rio de Janeiro, there have been many record-breaking achievements on the track, in the pool and across the numerous Olympic venues, but there has also been a world’s first away from the sporting action. At British House, the U.K.’s official residence at Rio 2016, Olympic gold medal-winning rower Helen Glover took part in the first live 360 VR press conference, allowing fans to feel like they were in the room with her while she answered questions.

Glover had just won gold in the coxless pair event with partner Helen Stanning and, thanks to the emergence of camera and virtual reality technology, she was able to connect directly with fans around the world.

How Virtual Reality Can Benefit Businesses

Virtual reality is a hot topic at the moment due to the launch of consumer-focused technology like Samsung’s Gear VR headset Samsung’s Gear VR headset and its Gear 360 camera, which allows anyone to capture 360-degree images and video. However, the VR revolution isn’t just impacting consumers; it’s also critical for businesses from all different sectors to embrace the trend to connect more directly with their customers.

While virtual reality is seen by many as an isolated experience, it can be used to bring hundreds, thousands or possibly even millions of people together in a single location. Adding a virtual reality aspect to press conferences can have multiple advantages for businesses.

First, it can allow journalists and reporters from all corners of the globe to attend and even ask questions simply by slipping on a VR headset. No longer will companies have to pay for journalists to fly halfway across the globe to sit in a room, saving them huge amounts of money. A VR press conference also allows businesses to communicate directly with customers, meaning their messages don’t need to be filtered through the media and can be tailored to reach the people they want to communicate with the most.

This trend is already taking off, with companies like AltspaceVR now offering businesses the opportunity to host virtual press conferences. FrontRow, the company’s VR event product, promises everyone “a front row seat to events in VR and gives hosts limitless capacity at their events. With FrontRow, thousands of people can attend an event together despite their geographic location and feel like they are there in person.”

Samsung’s Gear VR is just one of its innovative wearable technology solutions. To learn about how other wearable tech options can benefit your business, check out our full line here.

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