In a competitive environment like automotive manufacturing, benchmarking performance of facilities is critical to achieving operational excellence and remaining cost-competitive. However, for a large enterprise like Magna International with 328 plants globally, standardizing process improvements across its global footprint can be challenging.

Virtual reality (VR) manufacturing technology has helped Magna International engage in continuous process improvements and standardization through virtual site visits. For example, instead of absorbing the costs of flying employees to different plant sites, Magna International uses Samsung Gear VR headsets to facilitate remote tours of its plants. This saves the company time, resources and the cost of travel, while allowing employees to be trained as if they were on site.

Beyond training, the use of VR manufacturing technology also allows Magna to identify areas for improvement, develop standardized processes and metrics, and enable predictive maintenance in a cost-effective and resource efficient manner. Thus, the company stays ahead of the curve in the race to modernize the twenty-first century factory.

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