For retailers with thousands of SKUs and limited shelf space, it’s often impossible to carry the entire product line in every store. But putting tablets into the hands of associates can enhance customer service, building customer loyalty and “saving the sale” by offering consumers another way to buy.

Avenue, a specialty clothing retailer, needed reliable and affordable tablets that could be issued chain-wide to help sales associates showcase the full range of styles and sizes that aren’t always available in-store. The retailer provided its associates with Samsung Galaxy tablets and a customized app, offering them the opportunity to actively engage customers on the sales floor with a full view into the entire product line. Deployment of the Galaxy tablets has had a significant impact, with associates closing twice as many sales per week as originally projected, and with a 20 percent higher average transaction amount. Avenue has been able to recoup its investment in only three months, while also building customer loyalty and bringing digital capabilities to the sales floor.

To learn more about how Samsung Galaxy tablets helped Avenue boost sales and enhance the customer experience, read the case study below.

Avenue Stores Retail Associates “Save the Sale” with Samsung Galaxy Tablets from Samsung Business USA