Two fast-emerging display technologies are making the possibilities for digital storefront marketing extra bright for retailers.

High-brightness LCDs and direct-view LEDs both give retailers and brands a chance to put impactful visuals in front of passing consumers, even cutting through the glare of direct sunlight. High-brightness LCD displays set in digital storefront windows and sunny atriums offer crisp HD visuals that can be used for everything from digital versions of posters, to menuboards at restaurant order counters, to streetside menus meant to draw in patrons.

Direct-view LED displays offer super brightness, and the smarts to tune brightness levels to ambient conditions — automatically dialing back brightness and power consumption as dusk and evening approach. They also introduce the ability to creative novel shapes, as LED modules fit together like tiles and aren’t limited to rectangles. Because the modules are small, they can be fitted together in gentle curves, including around the corners of buildings. Direct-view LED is the same kind of technology tourists see in New York’s Times Square, but now it’s accessible and ready for use just about anywhere.

Check out the infographic below or download our white paper to learn more about using high-brightness displays to create a digital windowfront.

The Bright Side of Storefront Marketing – Using Super-Bright Displays to Connect with Customers from Samsung Business USA