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Cybersecurity Issues Among Key Challenges to Enterprise Mobility [Webinar]

For business today, advancements in technology have revolutionized the way their employees work, and for the last decade, smartphones have been at the heart of that change. But for all the advantages mobile devices bring, there are also challenges — chief among them cybersecurity issues. In a world where the information held by your company is becoming your most valuable asset, prioritizing cybersecurity is key to ensuring customer confidence.

Ram Motipally, one of the founding members of the Samsung Knox team with 16 years of experience in the mobile and enterprise software space, recently spoke with Stephen Lawton of SC Magazine, about these issues and highlighted some key security challenges facing businesses today.

Topics covered in the webinar include the importance of balancing privacy with security; the impact of privacy laws on business operations; the value of understanding how your employees use technology; and the evolution of the password to more biometric measurements.

To learn more about the cybersecurity issues that businesses must overcome, listen to the webinar below.


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