For both IT administrators and end users, MDM solutions are critical to productivity, especially when faced with the need to enroll multiple devices. Knox Mobile Enrollment offers a streamlined solution, a single point of entry through which the IT administrator can quickly and easily bulk enroll mobile devices. Bulk enrollment simplifies management for the administrator and requires little end-user interaction.

To make it happen, the IT administrator logs into the Knox Mobile Enrollment portal and chooses to “Submit New Devices.” They then select a CSV file listing all the devices, choose the reseller and upload proof of purchase. The MDM system is then added and the manager submits the CSV.

At this point, the process is almost complete. The system runs an automatic verification, after which the end user un-boxes the device and goes through the normal setup routine. At the end of the setup, Knox Mobile Enrollment will prompt the user for a username and password and then automatically complete enrollment in the MDM.

That’s all it takes. With MDM solutions like Knox Mobile Enrollment, a few easy clicks from the admin and a user login are all that’s needed to get devices swiftly and simply enrolled.

Watch the video below to learn more about bulk enrollment.

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