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Streamline Productivity in Retail With the Galaxy Book

By ensuring they have the right devices for the right applications, retailers can streamline productivity. As the mobile computing needs of the retail sector continue to diversify, one-size-fits-all devices and solutions no longer fully serve the needs of all workers. Having the proper device is especially important for store managers, who must often quickly transition from back-office operations to front-of-store scenarios for collaborating with customers and staff.

The “absolutely incredible” Galaxy Book can streamline retail productivity by combining mobility, style and the high performance and productivity of Windows 10 Pro. Managers can enjoy the functionality of back-office computing with a mouse pad and keyboard while keeping up with bookkeeping, time sheets, scheduling and messaging. When it’s time to engage customers or workers in the storefront, the screen can be easily disconnected to offer tablet mobility. The Galaxy Book comes with an S Pen to enable quick note-taking, and it also features Samsung’s enterprise support and service to ensure retailers are using these devices to their full potential. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

Check out this episode of SBTV, which demonstrates how the Galaxy Book may be retail’s new productivity hero.

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