On this episode of SBTV, Reid Estreicher and Damon Sununtnasuk show how biometric security simplifies mobile access.

Passwords are supposed to help secure mobile devices, but too often have the opposite effect. They’re hard to manage and inefficient to use. Biometric security cuts through the clutter.

Picture this: A family member idly picks up a mobile device, taps into enterprise data, then accidentally forwards or deletes it. That won’t happen on a device secured with an iris scan or fingerprint.

Biometrics give employees faster access to their devices. Consider gloved workers: doctors or construction workers, for instance. With an iris scan, your eye’s not just for seeing any more. It’s a productivity driver, unlocking devices quickly and simply.

Finally, biometrics are a cure for password management woes. The average user has 27 passwords, mostly stored on sticky notes. Thirty-seven percent of workers forget a password at least once a week.

Learn more about how biometric security, implemented using the Samsung Pass application, allows you to unlock a mobile device and get to work with a simple scan.

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