With travel down both domestically and abroad, it’s not unusual to wonder: Can VR help reinvigorate the travel industry?

According to Rick Belliotti, director of innovation and small business development at the San Diego Airport, the answer is yes.

“I think VR is the holodeck of the future,” Belliotti told Samsung at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit in San Diego in May.

“VR is certainly a disrupter in the travel industry in trying to get people to new locations,” Beliotti added. With the technology, users can immerse themselves in a new travel destination, potentially increasing their interest in visiting.

“If [our airport] has a new flight to Zurich or Frankfurt, we could show [travelers] that city via VR, and maybe help them to actually want to go there and see it in person,” Beliotti explained.

Get a sense of how VR is providing new applications for the travel industry in the video above.