As Accenture‘s wearable technology leader and pioneer, Brent Blum is often tasked with helping his clients understand the best use cases for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR).

“When you’re working with a specific structure, installation or setting — AR is a great tool,” Blum said at the Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit in San Diego.

Blum explained that AR is an ideal option when you’re accounting for the physical world around you, while VR lets you create any kind of environment. “Simulating a gas leak in a plant is an activity you wouldn’t want to recreate, but it would be great to do in VR [to test emergency protocol],” he says.

“A facility that’s far away — or a machine that costs a million dollars and only has two in the world — are great things to simulate, train on or predict in VR.”

In the video above, discover more applications within the enterprise for VR, MR and AR from Blum.

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