A new Samsung Galaxy smartphone and the Samsung DeX docking station are the only tools you need to create a digital workplace leveraging VMware Workspace ONE. With this new approach, your end users will dock their phone into the DeX station to instantly gain access to all their apps – native, web, cloud, virtual – and virtual desktops. The DeX station connects to their monitor, keyboard and mouse, creating an intuitive desktop experience powered by the smartphone.

Here are the benefits of going mobile with Samsung DeX and VMware Workspace ONE.

Mobile Apps Versus Desktop Apps

The differences between using mobile apps and desktop apps illustrate why it’s beneficial for your employees to use DeX to access their virtual desktops. A mobile device only gives you access to mobile apps. Take, for example, the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The mobile apps for Android are robust, but they aren’t as powerful as the desktop version of the suite. The same goes for many customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and back-office applications.

Increase Productivity With Samsung DeX

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Accessing a mobile-powered desktop like DeX lets you do a lot more on your phone, and enjoy a desktop-like user experience while using your mobile apps. But it still doesn’t let you run desktop apps that were created for a desktop operating system.

That’s where desktop and application virtualization comes in. Launching VMware Horizon desktops when working within DeX gives you both. You’re now working on a virtual desktop with full desktop apps. You’re viewing content on a full-sized monitor, and using the keyboard and mouse to get work done. And it’s all powered by your Galaxy smartphone. That is the digital workplace, powered by mobile.

Virtual Desktop Access on DeX

Accessing a virtual desktop on Dex is as easy as downloading VMware Workspace ONE, which is available on the Google Play Store. When you log into Workspace ONE using your corporate credentials, you gain access to all your work apps, including virtual apps and desktops. Horizon delivers the virtual apps and desktops seamlessly and works in DeX-mode to enable full-screen virtual Windows desktops or multiple windows simultaneously.
This common digital workspace experience lets end users access their Windows desktop, mobile and corporate back-end applications. All apps and data can be accessed securely from their mobile device with Knox-based security measures.

You can also go one step further than just productivity applications by using 3D apps on DeX and Horizon, which allow engineering and design firms to gain unprecedented mobile access for their workers. The technology also lends itself to more flexibility in briefings, as firms can place a DeX station in their conference rooms, hook up to a monitor and let presenters simply dock their smartphones and present their latest work. With Horizon, DeX users will also experience Blast Extreme adaptive transport for high-performing cloud applications and virtual desktops— right from Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note8 devices.

Likewise, this setup also improves continuity of operations (COOP) by providing employees with another way to work remotely, as long as they have a DeX station.

These technologies running on Samsung DeX can even help your organization further evolve siloed cloud applications and develop a platform approach that improves the overall user experience of your back-end applications.

Enhancing the Digital Workplace

Pairing your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with DeX and Workspace ONE can give you access to your virtual apps and desktops from a single multifaceted device that handles your productivity, communication and collaboration needs. This solution also provides secure device management, making it ideal for a mobile-first workforce, frequent travelers and even hot deskers who want flexibility without sacrificing the full power of desktop applications they need to do their work.

See the full capabilities of this technology at the VMworld conference in Las Vegas.

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