As a social media entrepreneur, I’ve had a front row seat as the technology has shifted status from a social option to a societal priority — and, most importantly, an opportunity for my business.

I recently sat with Harlem Capital Cofounder and Partner John Henry at Samsung 837 to discuss how emerging platforms and technology impact the way we work.

“I think behaviors have remained similar but have shifted mediums,” Henry said. “For example, not long ago social media was considered an unnecessary luxury rather than a viable way to drive business and engage audiences. Today we share more data through digital platforms than ever, and the rate of increase is only skyrocketing.”

According to Henry, one of the biggest changes has been growing more aware that history repeats itself.

“Time and time again, new mediums come up. People resist that change, but watch what they do, not what they say,” he advised.

“They may say they’re not looking to lean into these technologies, but their actions would suggest otherwise.”

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