Imagine a VR experience that would let a business offer remote training around the country or world via immersive 3D cameras, avoiding all the travel time and costs, of an on-site event. That’s just one of an endless list of possible use cases for Samsung’s new professional-level, stereoscopic 3D 360 camera, with groundbreaking image capture technology.

There are already 360 cameras on the market for consumers, but the new professional 17-lens 3D 360 camera is aimed at corporate media teams, broadcasters, videographers and trainers looking to deliver a truly immersive VR experience. The technology is designed to help streamline creation of VR content so that users can generate an interactive environment in a few easy steps.

The disc-like camera is small enough to stuff in a backpack, rugged and IP65 water-proofed, and easily attached to a remote-controlled drone for amazing aerial flyover shots of anything from a sports and entertainment event, to a public emergency like a flooded-out community or looming wildfire. In the office, Samsung’s 3D 360 camera also enables a vast range of business applications, like virtual facility visits and immersive training through recording or live-streaming.

With a multitude of applications and innovative technology, it’s clear VR is becoming easier to integrate into everyday enterprise applications across industries for a new work standard.

Learn how to create compelling 360-degree content for your business.

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