The Challenge

The Solution

Required training takes as few as 5 minutes

The Results

Bethany Life now sees more patients being charted, due to the ease of use and fast (as low as 5 minutes) training time required to get users up and running on Foresight. Caregivers are able to make decisions closer to the point of patient care, clinical information is flowing more freely and the use of antipsychotics has markedly decreased. On the patient side, the community has also seen a noticeable decrease in reportable behaviors. Thanks to VisibleHand’s platform, the facility is now able to take a more proactive approach to resident care and shift to a more prevention-based perspective.


Samsung 360 Snapshot
The Customer Need:

Improving Patient Care Through Real-Time Data Access

“It’s almost like predictive modeling … if we can intervene before it gets there, it increases resident and family satisfaction since their needs are being met.”

— Kari Matheason, chief operating officer, Bethany Life

The Solution:

A Mobile Solution Enhances Staff Communication and Efficiency

The Technology:
Galaxy J3 16GB (Unlocked)

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Samsung Galaxy S8

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The Results:

Increased Patient Satisfaction and Staff Collaboration