Today, most employees have multiple monitors and a tangled mess of wires connecting them all together. If you daisy-chain or USB Type-C outfitted monitors, you can eliminate several peripherals such as additional power cords, dongles and docking stations. This allows for a cleaner, easier to manage workstation.

Connecting monitors with USB Type-C ports provides an easy connection to any PC, tablet or mobile device with a USB Type-C port to create an instant workstation. Your mobile device will be charged, and several peripherals can be plugged directly into the monitor.

Samsung’s daisy-chain-enabled monitors support connection with up to four Full HD monitors or two QHD monitors with a single connection between them, eliminating the need to connect each one to a PC. Plus, you can extend your desktop with MST technology or duplicate it with SST technology for a versatile computing solution that meets the demands of your work.

This episode of SBTV demonstrates how to daisy-chain USB Type-C equipped monitors, eliminating the need for docking stations, port hubs or extra dongles and simplifying installation.