Established in 1906, Coldwell Banker is constantly looking for new ways to integrate technology that will keep them ahead of the competition. As a way to satisfy client demand and differentiate their listings, the company is deploying virtual reality tours (VR) as a part of its business model.

Virtual reality tours enable buyers to conveniently explore a property in vivid high-definition using Samsung Gear headsets. It also gives a fully immersive 360-degree view that moves with the viewer, creating a stunning and realistic on-location experience.

The advantages are available across the board, for both clients and agents. Property owners benefit from having more prospects view their homes off-site beforehand, alleviating scheduling conflicts and wear and tear. For agents, it enhances business by improving the overall flexibility, efficiency and convenience of listing tours. This saves time, money and significantly lowers the stress for all parties.

Watch to learn how Samsung and Coldwell Banker are transforming the real estate industry with the Gear VR.