Whether you’re a small to medium business or a large enterprise, there’s a good chance that the role smartphones play in your work environment has evolved organically over time. Having a BYOD mobile policy may not originally have been a strategic decision, but it is just what made sense as employees began showing up to work with smartphones and asking if they could access corporate email. A decade on, they want to do a lot more than email.

Today, many businesses are taking a step back and thinking more holistically about the right mobile strategy for them. In highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare and government, where added control and security are a must, BYOD has never been an acceptable option. But even for many SMBs without heavy regulatory burdens, Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) or Corporate-Owned, Personally-Enabled (COPE) are becoming an appealing option because they offer the business greater control, security and — perhaps most importantly — a stronger platform for mobile workflows.

Still, an enterprise mobile deployment is no small undertaking. Businesses of all sizes want to minimize complexity and management overheads, ensure business continuity and maintain a high level of security. Trying to achieve all these objectives at once can feel a little like the adage, “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.”

But does an enterprise deployment of smartphones have to be so complicated and complex? Can’t you achieve all those goals while delivering better mobile experiences to your employees?

At Samsung, we’ve worked hard to make deploying smartphones easy. In fact, we’ve invested significant resources over the past five years creating a stack of solutions and service offerings to help businesses of all sizes be able to quickly and easily launch and manage a fleet of devices — whether it be the enterprise-friendly Galaxy Note8, or the sleek new Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Peace of Mind

Starting a new initiative is always a little nerve-wracking. How long will it take? What resources will you need to get the job done? Can you continue to manage the initiative once you’ve launched? It’s no different with a mobile deployment — there’s a learning curve involved.

Using Samsung’s Knox QuickStart services will help you get over that initial deployment hump and provide you with the set of tools and expertise you need to manage your smartphone enterprise deployment on your own.

Choose the Right Mobile Device for Your Workforce

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Here’s a look at some of the ways I’ve seen our QuickStart services help companies and IT teams of all sizes:

1. Save time. Thoroughly understanding and deploying any IT solution to achieve the maximum benefit takes time. Our QuickStart services help by speeding up deployment and preventing time-consuming mistakes that often occur when you’re still learning a solution.

2. Custom configuration. Samsung Knox Configure lets you provision hundreds or even thousands of devices quickly and exactly the way you want them. You can custom configure devices for different user groups, implement data separation containers for added security, or configure devices to only be able to use certain work apps. Using Samsung QuickStart experts to guide you through the process will make it easier and ensure your devices meet your security and control requirements.

3. Easier management. While our QuickStart services focus on helping you deploy your corporate devices as quickly as possible, we recognize that what happens once the smartphones are in employees’ hands is just as important. Samsung Knox Manage is a powerful tool that can help SMBs with security and control of mobile devices, such as having the ability to remote lock or wipe devices or track down their locations. Here again, tapping into Samsung experts makes it simple to ensure you have the right manageability capabilities in place.

Use Experts to Become an Expert

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing our QuickStart services is access to our enterprise mobile experts. They know Samsung Knox from the ground up, and you can leverage their years of experience helping other customers with similar challenges to get strategic support suggestions and advice on best practices.

Our experts will help you determine the level of mobile management you need to ensure you get the most out of your devices — not only in terms of security and control, but also enabling employee productivity, so that you can lower costs, increase revenue and better connect with your customers.

When it comes to your deployment of Samsung devices, by tapping into our QuickStart services you actually can have your cake and eat it too. Our experts will make sure that your enterprise deployment is simple and fast, reduces your management overhead, and achieves the highest level of security while maximizing the value of every device by ensuring that employees can be productive using the devices.

Learn more about how Samsung Knox QuickStart can get your enterprise deployment off the ground faster.

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