As we age, it’s probably no surprise that our independence tends to decrease, while our healthcare costs increase.

Senior care was a major focus at HIMSS 2018 this year, where I had several conversations about how technology solutions can make seniors’ lives easier, along with the lives of their families and their caregivers.

One person I spoke with was Andy Gonerka, VP of healthcare sales at Reemo Health, who shared some of the technologies making improved senior care a reality.

“We’re trying to find a balance of enabling [seniors] to have the care they need, but also the ability to remain independent,” Gonerka said.

Reemo Health’s remote monitoring platform, which runs on a Samsung Gear smartwatch, can track the heart rate, movement and location of the person wearing it. Additionally, if necessary, the user can call 911 through a push button on the watch in case of an emergency.

“We’re trying to work with a form-factor they’re already familiar with, like a watch, and then make it easy for them to reach out for support when they need it,” Gonerka said.

Keeping seniors connected, while not impeding on their daily lives, is a struggle that costs both time and money — especially when you think about how many aging adults want to remain in their homes, where they feel comfortable and safe, as long as possible. Solutions like Reemo’s can help families and care providers stay connected to their loved ones and can even help them spot trends — before the event of an emergency.

Watch the video to learn more about how Samsung and partners are leveraging technology to improve senior care.