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Automating Mobile Device Configuration: How Knox Configure Boosts IT Productivity and Security

For IT managers and administrators, ensuring that mobile devices accessing sensitive files and corporate networks are secure is of paramount importance. However, ensuring that those devices can be easily and rapidly deployed is just as important. Clunky and time-consuming device provisioning processes can quickly overwhelm an IT team.

Mobile device configuration can be a tricky and involved process, involving dozens of steps to make sure that employees have set up their smartphones, tablets and wearables correctly. Doing so on a one-to-one basis can be hugely time-consuming for the staff of any IT department and can lead to gaps in the system if each device and employee is not dealt with in the same manner.

But thankfully, with the advent of tools for remote configuration and automated provisioning, IT departments can now quickly and easily deploy new devices with minimum fuss, giving employees a uniform experience and ensuring that not only are the devices secure but also designed to boost productivity from the start.

Automated Provisioning

With a tool like Knox Configure, you can define policies and profiles once, and instantly apply them to hundreds or thousands of devices in bulk. Knox Configure is a cloud-based service that enables IT administrators to remotely configure Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition smartphones in bulk and customize them to address specific business needs. It is not intended to replace the MDM, but instead to automate all of the steps that would typically have been handled manually prior to the enrollment of the device with the MDM.

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Everything from settings and app permissions to connectivity can be adjusted during initial device setup. Knox Configure offers automated provisioning using the devices’ IMEI or serial number to identify each smartphone. This gives administrators granular levels of control over device configuration and will ensure that each employee has the right level of access to the files and systems they need. The process is much like creating a gold standard image for a PC prior to issuing it to an employee.

By taking full control of the configuration processes, enterprises can customize what an employee sees when they power on their new smartphone for the first time. Enterprises can skip the setups screens from Google, Samsung and the carrier, replacing them with a customized sign-on process, and bypassing the traditional 12 to 16 setup screens usually encountered by users.

Factory Reset

Enterprises have the option to control whether employees can access Android’s factory reset option. When it is turned off, it ensures that end users cannot cancel enrollment. You can also allow a factory reset to be carried out, but make it mandatory to be re-enrolled in Knox Configure after every factory reset.

Because you have predefined profiles and policies — including everything from accessing corporate Wi-Fi networks to turning on or off NFC and Bluetooth — the minute your customized startup is finished, the devices are instantly ready to be used. This device configuration process removes a many of the common pain points for both employees and administrators.

For employees, it removes the need to access hidden menus and systems in order to configure the device. And administrators can rest assured that with the profiles pre-defined they are leaving nothing to chance, and ensuring the security of the information stored on the devices as well as their corporate networks.

Samsung has bundled a Knox Configure license with its Galaxy Note8 Enterprise Edition and new Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition devices, together with a number of other tools and assurances tailored for enterprise mobile initiatives.

Learn more about the management features bundled with Samsung’s enterprise edition smartphones.

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